Factor Canada Review 2024

Factor Canada is the leading ready-to-heat delivery service in North America. Offering an expansive selection of dishes that are healthy yet flavourful, their menu has something for everyone and can cater to specialized diets such as vegetarian, vegan, flexitarian and keto.

Best Prepared Meals in CA - Ontario Only

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Chef-prepared, dietician-approved, ready to heat meals

Factor Plans

Factor’s menu offers a diverse selection of 16 options, including keto, calorie-smart and plant-based choices. Customers have the ability to preview the upcoming week’s menu several weeks in advance. Box size options come in 6, 8, 10, 12 & 18 meals, and you can skip a week
or increase/decrease your box size at any time.

I was particularly impressed by the number of ingredients included in each meal, with one dish boasting over 27. This level of complexity and attention to detail is not typically found in other ready-to-heat delivery services and would be challenging to replicate on my own.

How easy to use is Factor?

The ordering process itself is extremely simple: customers can conveniently choose from the weekly menu with up to 16 meals per week depending on individual tastes or dietary preferences. Once orders are placed, all meals are delivered fresh, never frozen, directly to the customer’s doorstep for hassle free dinner planning.

No more worrying about overspending at restaurants or eating stale leftovers!

Factor Price

Prices start at $11.99 per meal for an 18 meal box. The smallest box size which includes 6 meals is $89.94 – this works out as $14.99 per meal.

Pros & Cons

Factor customers benefit from less stress when it comes to planning meals tailored specifically towards their dietary needs and wants. The weekly menus allow for more variety than traditional ready-to-heat meal delivery services.

Overall, the service can be described as: delicious and convenient food for the health-minded customer.



Factor prides itself on competitive pricing structures with meals beginning at just $11.99 per person depending on the size or quantity ordered. Additionally, they offer juices and have plans to expand their menu throughout 2023.

When it comes to customer service experience, Factor strives for excellence with friendly representatives always available to help via telephone or chat during business hours if any questions arise about orders, shipping information and more . Furthermore, they have partnered with local and national courier services in order to guarantee timely deliveries across Ontario ensuring hassle free transactions without complications every time.

In terms of nutrition value, all meals are prepared by chefs and designed by dietitians. Finally, all meals come freshly ready to heat and eat in as little as two minutes, in a microwave or oven. An ideal meal solution for picky eaters, busy professionals & students, parents or anyone looking for clean eating, made easy.

Overall Factor is an excellent resource Canadians can depend upon whenever craving healthy yet satisfying dishes conveniently delivered directly doorstep.