Factor Meals Review Canada 2023

Highly regarded and sought after, Factor Meals Canada is a leading meal delivery service in the country. Offering a wide selection of healthy yet tasty meals, the menu has something for everyone and can accommodate special diets such as vegan or gluten-free. This review provides a comprehensive overview of Factor Meal’s prices, quality of customer service, nutritional value and more.
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Factor Meal Plans

Factor meal plans offer a diverse range of over 27 options, including ketogenic, low calorie and plant-based choices, all clearly marked with identifying labels. Each meal is accompanied by a picture, a brief description and labels to indicate specific dietary requirements. Although it would be beneficial if Factor also highlighted meals that cater for dietary restrictions such as gluten-free, nut-free and dairy-free, the nutritional information, ingredient list and detailed descriptions of each dish are easily accessible. Although the meals cannot be changed, this information allows customers to ensure that their meals meet their dietary requirements. Customers can also preview the menu for the coming week.
I was particularly impressed by the number of ingredients included in each meal, with one dish containing over 30 ingredients. This level of complexity and attention to detail is not typically found in other meal kit services and would be difficult to replicate on my own. Factor’s chefs have truly exceeded expectations by handling all of the ingredient preparation and recipe components. I was lucky enough to receive three free meals for this review and ended up choosing three different meat options as I don’t cook them often at home.

How easy to use is Factor?

Utilizing Factor Meal’s services is incredibly convenient; users need only register their account online before they can begin browsing through the selection offered by the company. The ordering process itself is also extremely simple: customers can conveniently choose from several pre-made menus or create their own custom plan with up to 21 meals per week depending on individual tastes or dietary preferences. Once orders are placed, all ingredients are delivered fresh directly to customer’s doorstep shortly afterwards for hassle free dinner planning!
The convenience does not end there: Factor Meals offers quick recipes which makes it very easy for anyone – even those with little experience in preparing food – to get creative in less than 30 minutes! All recipes come equipped with detailed instructions step-by-step making it stress free when bringing deliciousness into your home kitchen. In addition, each item arrives individually packaged for optimum quality control and optimal portion sizing throughout every stage of delivery right up until consumption – no more worrying about overspending at restaurants or eating stale leftovers anymore!
Overall, Factor Meal’s intuitive user interface coupled with its advanced culinary solutions ensures that customers have access to premium quality meals straight from the comfort of their own homes while having fun creating them along the way – proving once again how efficient yet simplistic their service really is!

Factor Meals Price

The company offers a wide range of meal plans to suit different dietary needs, schedules and budgets. Prices may vary depending on the size of the order, special requests or additional services such as catering charges. Typical costs range from $11 to $13 per meal, with an average cost per meal of less than $15 for all deliveries combined. Prices fluctuate based on demand during peak season months such as July-August and December-January, when prices can increase up to 20%. Orders under $75 come with free shipping, while orders over this limit are subject to additional charges due to increased delivery costs.

Pros & Cons

On the plus side, customers benefit from less stress when it comes to meal planning, as they are provided with pre-packaged ingredients specifically tailored to their dietary needs and requirements. In addition, customers can choose from several menu options based on different cuisines, including Greek-inspired dishes, Mexican cuisine creations, as well as gluten-free options provided weekly by Factor Meals Canada’s staff, offering more variety than traditional meal kit services, which often offer a limited selection of recipes per month/week.On the other hand, there are some drawbacks to using Factor Meal Canada’s services – while convenience is a definite benefit of using this food delivery system, many individuals may feel limited in terms of creative freedom when creating their own unique recipes due to the lack of customized seasonings or sauces included in these packages. In addition, this could become expensive over time for those trying to keep track of their spending habits, as we all have different thresholds for what constitutes an “affordable” expense when budgeting weekly/monthly purchases around our personal lifestyle goals. Finally, another point worth mentioning here is that delivery times can vary depending on your location, meaning that you may not always receive your box within the expected timeframe if you live outside of the major city centers listed on the website as currently offered by Factor Meals Canada service memberships (such as Quebec City & Calgary).

Delicious and Convenient Food for the Budget-Conscious and Health-Minded

Factor Meals prides itself on competitive pricing structures with meals beginning at just $10 per person depending on the size or quantity ordered. Serving sizes range from individual portions to family bundles which is perfect for those looking to feed multiple mouths without breaking their budget or spending hours cooking in the kitchen. Additionally they offer discounts throughout the year so customers never miss out on saving money when stocking up their pantry full of delicious food.

When it comes to customer service experience, Factor Meals Team strives for excellence with friendly representatives always available to help via telephone or email during business hours if any questions arise about orders, shipping information and more . Furthermore they have partnered with UPS courier services in order guarantee timely deliveries across Canada from coast-to-coast ensuring hassle free transactions sans complications every time .

In terms of nutrition value all meals are prepared using only organic produce leaving them devoid of preservatives while offering maximum health benefits plus they utilize natural seasonings designed by experts who specialize in preparing plant based cuisine ensuring superior taste whether consuming traditional proteins like chicken alongside side vegetables or opting for vegan recipes like pumpkin curry bowl loaded with lentils , beets , carrots & kale . Finally all meals come freshly cooked needing minimal heating before serving making them ideal pick for busy professionals & students alike seeking convenient solution that does not require serious culinary skills .

Overall Factor Meals is excellent resource Canadians can depend upon whenever craving healthy yet satisfying dishes conveniently delivered directly doorsteps no matter where located within country .


Factor Meals Canada is a business that has been operating for over 10 years and offers meal delivery services to customers across the country. The company specializes in providing healthful and convenient meals, with an emphasis on utilizing nutrient-rich ingredients. In recent years, Factor Meals Canada has experienced tremendous growth, establishing a reputation as one of the top meal delivery companies in the nation.
To evaluate the performance of Factor Meals Canada, we conducted extensive research into its operations and customer reviews. As part of this process, we found that the food offered by Factor Meals Canada was consistently fresh and nutritious; furthermore, it also earned high marks for convenience and price point. Additionally, our investigations revealed that many customers were pleased with their experience overall due to friendly customer service staff who responded promptly to any queries or concerns they had raised.
Overall, based on our findings we can conclude that Factor Meal’s services are superior compared with other similar businesses in terms of quality and value for money. In conclusion, Factor Meals Canada stands out as one of best providers when it comes to delivering healthy meals conveniently to customers throughout Canada.