You might have had a difficult time finding our Prepd Canadian meal kit review due to a food box company down in the USA going under the same name.

So just to be clear – we’re talking about a food subscription box company located in Canada here, NOT the USA-based lunchbox company.

Prepd is a Toronto-only meal kit company that has tried to cut costs to the bare minimum in order to compete with the national “Big three” Canadian meal kit companies.  For more info on those, see our: Hello Fresh Review, GoodFood Review, and Chef’s Plate Review.

It was pretty easy to notice the difference between Prepd and other meal kits right away, as Prepd arrives in a basic cardboard box – and not the insulated boxes that bigger meal companies like HelloFresh uses.  For me, that’s a pretty big deal, just because I love having the tested-true knowledge that those insulated boxes will keep my meat cold despite the hottest possible temperatures that Canada can throw at them.

Prepd Review Summary

What’s to Like?

-Emphasis on low-costs

-Option to order only two meals per week (but it does bring up the per-portion cost)

-Option to order a custom box to start

What We Wish for 

-Better boxes and packaging

-A wider delivery radius

-A more informative website and app experience

-A much better introduction offer or Prepd promo code (when you get an entire week of free food from Hellofresh or Chef’s Plate it’s tough to compare)

Prepd Review: Weekly Meal Kit Options

Prepd is exclusively a meal kit company.  So unlike fellow Toronto-only competitors Fresh City Farms, Prepd does not have the option to do add ons to your food box subscription.  From what I was able to garner from news articles about the company, Prepd delivers from Victoria park to the 427, and then its north-south radius stretches from the 407 to Lake Ontario.

The Prepd website promotes a similar value proposition to that of other Canadian meal kits, saying: Get everything you need to make an amazing dinner in 30 minutes. Delivered from $10/plate. No planning. No shopping. No fuss.

One unique aspect of Prepd is the fact that you can order single-person subscriptions AND that that there is a weekly option for both 2- and 5-meal boxes.  Most other meal kits tend to stream you into a 3-box or 4-box subscription model.

Another neat option is to order a one-time only sample box that I’ve only ever seen offered Prepd.  (Although there is nothing stopping anyone from ordering a week’s worth of food and then cancelling on other meal kit sites.)

Because Prepd is a relatively small company with a meagre website and relatively little media exposure, I was not able to garner a ton of background information about the company other than the fact that is was one of the first meal kit companies to start off in Toronto, and that it tries to cut costs as much as possible.  The few Prepd reviews that I could on Yelp and Facebook were over two years old, but were mostly positive.

Prepd Review: Their Meal Kit Recipes

Our Prepd review wouldn’t be complete without actually looking at some of the dinner meals that their cooks and nutionists have put together.  Here’s a sampling from the recent Prepd menu.

Sloppy Joes on Brioche Buns with crisp salad & ranch dressing.

INGREDIENTS – ground beef, brioche buns, butter, green pepper, shallot, tomato sauce (ketchup, marinara sauce, worcestershire, brown sugar, yellow mustard), iceberg lettuce, ranch dressing (mayo, buttermilk, sour cream, onion powder, vinegar), dill, cherry tomatoes

NUTRITIONAL INFO – Calories: 875, Protein: 63g, Carbs: 74g, Fat: 36g, Fibre: 4g

Chicken Cutlets with tiny potatoes, crisp salad, pickled shallots & mustard vinaigrette.

INGREDIENTS – chicken breast, banana shallot, celery, radish, dijon, lemon, small baby potatoes, honey, egg, parmesan panko (parmesan, panko), flour

NUTRITIONAL INFO – Calories: 581, Protein: 55g, Carbs: 64g, Fat: 12g, Fibre: 8g

Crispy Baked Fish Fingers with warm potato salad, broccoli.

INGREDIENTS – tilapia fillets, lime, egg, flour, panko, mayonnaise, broccoli, red potatoes, carrot, celery stalk, dressing base

NUTRITIONAL INFO – Calories: 633g, Protein: 40g, Carbs: 95g, Fat: 11g, Fibre: 9g

Japanese Style Meatballs with stir-fried veggies & sesame vermicelli.

INGREDIENTS – ground chicken, ginger, garlic cloves, scallion, vermicelli sauce, brown rice vermicelli, lime, meatball sauce, snow peas, yellow onion

NUTRITIONAL INFO – Calories: 753, Protein: 71g, Carbs: 76g, Fat: 17g, Fibre:8g

Veggie Wellington with walnuts, lentils, baby greens & parmesan salad.

INGREDIENTS – spinach, lentils, walnut pieces, phyllo pastry, carrot, tomato paste, leek, spice blend (oregano, tarragon, sage, nutmeg, garlic powder), baby mixed salad greens, lemon

NUTRITIONAL INFO – Calories: 834, Protein: 32g, Carbs: 140g, Fat: 19g, Fibre: 18g

Roasted Veggies & Tofu with turmeric-tahini sauce (vegan & gluten-free)

INGREDIENTS – extra firm tofu, garlic bulb, zucchini, red onion, small campari tomato, sweet potato, cauliflower, spice blend (cumin, smoked paprika, oregano), turmeric tahini (tahini, turmeric, honey), lemon

NUTRITIONAL INFO – Calories: 542, Protein: 25g, Carbs: 80g, Fat: 18g, Fibre: 13g

Roasted Fennel – Tomato Farfalle Pasta with black olives, chilli flakes, feta cheese & spinach.

INGREDIENTS – fennel bulb, farfalle pasta, feta cheese, tomatoes, garlic, chilli flakes, basil, baby spinach, black pitless olives

NUTRITIONAL INFO – Calories: 651, Carbohydrates: 100g, Protein: 26g, Fiber: 13g, Fat: 17g

Smoked Cheddar and Hash Brown Frittata with broccoli, mixed greens & sweet chili dressing.

INGREDIENTS – smoked grated cheddar cheese, eggs, broccoli, hashbrown potatoes, red onion, mixed greens, sweet chili dressing (sweet chili sauce, hot mustard), sherry vinegar

NUTRITIONAL INFO – Calories: 515, Protein: 32g, Carbs: 30g, Fat: 31g, Fibre: 7g