Home Chef vs. HelloFresh

Home Chef and HelloFresh are the names highly applauded when we talk about the best meal delivery services in town. Both meal kits offer tremendous family-friendly dishes and an incredible range of meals worth their price. They have different cuisines ranging from Italian to Mexican to Classic American and even Mediterranean meal kits. Sounds tasty, right? 

But what sets them apart, and which is the best service that suits your family and dietary needs? Home Chef has excellent customizable options and offers low-calorie and low-carb dishes. In contrast, the world’s largest delivery service Hello Fresh brings farm-fresh, sustainably sourced products to your doorstep that can be transformed into healthy meals instantly. 

We know all this sound pretty delicious. So, let’s take you on a further comparison between Home Chef and HelloFresh and see which is the clear winner of this battle.

HelloFresh vs Home Chef : Comparison at a Glance 

Detailed reviewHelloFresh ReviewHome Chef Review
Delivery area

Contiguous United State

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(Not Delivering in Canada)

Number of meals to choose from each week2022
Сooking time (min)20-45 min10-60 min
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Price per serving$3.79 per serving$7 – $9
Weekly Total (3 Recipes, 2 people)$83.01 – $194.99$35.96 – $323.64
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Home Chef vs HelloFresh: Pricing

When it comes to comparing the prices of meal plans by HelloFresh and Home Chef deciding on a clear winner is always a daunting task. Neither can be categorized as the most expensive or economical options available; prices vary for both services depending on the plan and the number of meals you select. 

Home Chef has a per meal pricing procedure which means no matter how many more servings you will offer, the price per meal will remain constant. However, HelloFresh has a fixed-price plan. Different portions have different costs as per the number of dishes and meals weekly. 

Let’s further break this for you below.

Home Chef

Home Chef has its meals starting from $6.99 per serving, but it mainly comprises salads; otherwise, you will have to pay $9.99 per serving. Three meal plans weekly for two people at Home Chef (providing you don’t buy any gourmet meals or upgrades) would cost $53.94, plus a minimum of $7.99 shipping, which comes in slightly more affordable than HelloFresh at $61.93.

As you move towards more gourmet options, the price will rise. The minimum shipping charge by Home Chef is $7.99. But they calculate the final shipping charges after you have confirmed your order. It makes it difficult to calculate the final amount you must pay at the checkout. 

Home Chef has a much more extensive range on their pricing, with the most expensive meals costing about twice as much as the most economical options. The claim is that prices are based on the plan chosen, with the average cost somewhere in the middle of the spectrum.


In comparison to Home Chef, HelloFresh is less costly. Its price is less than the average cost of Home Chef. 

HelloFresh’s meals range from $7.49-to $8.99 per meal. At HelloFresh, three meals per week on a two-person plan start from $9.99 per serving, plus $9.99 shipping, which will cost you $69.93 per week. The price variance depends on the number of portions you order and not the meals themselves. However, you will be asked to pay the shipping charges of $7.99 for each delivery. This fixed shipping lets you know how much you will have to pay at the end.

Conclusion of Meal Kit Services

HelloFresh and Home Chef Meal kit services performed exceptionally well in our testing. We couldn’t stop lauding their benefits, from sustainably sourced ingredients to nutritious meals, supportive customer care, and a seamless buying experience. We noticed that Home Chef has only one meal plan option, but their menu choices are more comprehensive and varied. Whereas we cannot reject the other service as their special Customize It feature gives them an extra benefit over others. You get to personalize your meal selections quite conveniently. 

HelloFresh source all the ingredients locally and ensure well-balanced nutritious meals at all cost in eco-friendly packaging. But we found their recipes quite classic with simple flavours and less excitement to offer. 

However, Home Chef makes a better option when you need to explore savoury meals and have a better flavourful journey with more variety. Additionally, if you are short on time, Home Chef should be your pick because their meals require little to no preparation, while HelloFresh is best when you want to hon your cooking skills and impress your guest with an exotic meal.

Hello Fresh vs Home Chef Meal Choices

Home Chef and HelloFresh have been enjoying the special limelight since their arrival because of their extensive meal plans that always have something great to offer with a customization offer. 

Home Chef allows 2–6 recipes per week that include either 2, 4, or 6 servings each. On the other hand, HelloFresh offers 2–5 meals per week, with either 2 or 4 servings per recipe. From the rotating weekly menu of 20 recipes at HelloFresh, you get additional options that can fulfill your unique dietary preferences. You can even mix and match recipes from personalized plans or meals. Their personalized plans consist of vegetarian, Pescatarian, family-friendly, calorie-smart, quick, and easy options.

In terms of menu customization, Home Chef offers 19 recipes weekly. When the signing up process, specify your dietary preference, and you will receive recipes accordingly, or you can pick recipes manually. You can even customize the choice of proteins with your chosen recipes. Along with regular meal kits, Home Chef has 15-minute meal kits and oven- or grill-ready dishes.

Hello Fresh meal kits will cost you around $62 to $98, shipping included, depending on the plan and the number of meals and servings you choose. Whereas for Home Chef, you can choose from two, four, or six serving variants, and you can also choose to get anywhere from two to six kits each week. Kit prices vary greatly and cost you roughly $40 to $360.

What do You get With Hello Fresh or Home Chef Meal Delivery Services?

HelloFresh and Home Chef are the powerhouses of delicious meals and alluring deals. Starting with HelloFresh, you will get four plans: Classic, Family, Veggie, and Low calorie. You get eight new recipes on Classic Plan, five on a family plan, and three on the veggie plan weekly. On the contrary, when we talk about Home Chef, you will get a maximum of 15 dishes per week. The weekly menu is ideal for 2, 4, and 6 people. From 16 new recipes, including a fruit basket and a smoothie, you can even go for three 5-minute no-cooking lunch dishes and three to four vegetarian.

In terms of style, you are lucky to get Italian, Classic, Asian, Mexican, etc. They have poultry, fish, vegetables, meat, and more as ingredient bases. Although HelloFresh has more plans, Home Chef seems to be the more diversified option despite its single plan. As for nutritional value, HelloFresh has around 650 calories each; portions are fulfilling. At the same time, the calorie count for Home Chef differs in all dishes. Calorie-rich dishes are appropriately labelled. Dishes are generally nutritious and keep your stomach full for a couple of hours.

Bothe meal kit services are good choices if you want easy-to-follow delicious recipes to cater to several dietary restrictions like gluten-free and soy-free food. Opt for HelloFresh if you’re going to cater to a group of 4 or 6; however, if you need more than five meals a week, Home Chef will be the better option.


HelloFresh Review

  • Budget-friendliness
  • Flexible ordering system
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Home Chef Review

  • Extensive meal variety
  • less meal in each plan
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