Vancouver Meal Kits Review 2020

It’s no surprise that the Vancouver meal kit scene (sometimes referred to as subscription box) offers a bevy of delicious options given the hunger for convenient, healthy eating dinner solutions found on Canada’s West Coast.

New delicious tastes that even a novice (who’s got two thumbs and recently learned how to use them to whisk their own dressing—this guy) can whip up given the simple, visual instruction cards provided with each meal.

If you want an in-depth look at the most popular meal kit companies in Canada, check out our Hello Fresh review, Chef’s Plate review, and GoodFood review, or simply refer to the best meal kits in Canada page detailing what we look for in a meal kit service.

Vancouver’s Best Meal Kits – July, 11th, 2020

Overall rating 98.2%
Hello Fresh Review
Plans for
  • Singles
  • Vegetarians
  • Novice cooks
  • Picky eaters
Price range/ week
$78 – $165
$26 – $104
Pros and cons
  • Large variety of meals
  • Wide delivery service area
  • Easily skip weeks as needed
  • Individual packaging – environmental concern
Overall rating 96.2%
Chefs Plate Review
Plans for
  • Singles
  • Vegetarians
  • Novice cooks
  • Picky eaters
Price range/ week
$46 – $144
$26 – $72
Pros and cons
  • Lowest priced meal kit
  • Wide variety of meals
  • Super easy meal organization
  • Portion size and veggie / meat balance
If you’re new to the idea of meal kits, here are the reasons why our team is such massive fans:
  • Healthy eating mapped out for us. No Googling special “nutritionist recommends” recipes or counting this or that points system.
  • Zero food waste to guiltily clean out of a stinky fridge.
  • The mental lightness of not worrying about what’s for dinner. No thawing meat, no last-minute trips to the grocery store, and no supper rush hour as you try to throw something together last minute. We have reached a state of “dinnertime zen.”
  • $100+ saved on restaurant meals each month!
  • New delicious tastes that even a novice can put together given the simple, visual instruction cards provided with each meal.

Background on Vancouver Area and Meal Kits Industry

Value Rank (of 10)
Population 5,020,302 3
Food stores per 100,000 ppl 70 6
Farms per 100,000 ppl 349 6
Average family size 2.8 5
Experience difficulties with food budget 31% 9
Eating fruits/vegies 5+ times a day 29% 2
Time spent eating per day 91 2
Vegans and vegetarians 12.5% 1
Nanaimo Bars – British Columbia traditional dish.

The Vancouver area is the third most densely populated area in the country, with more than five million people living there. Per every 100,000 people, there are 349 farms that supply food and seventy food stores that sell it. Almost 30% of Vancouverites eat fruits and vegetables five or more times a day, and almost 13% are vegetarians or vegans, more than anywhere else in Canada! For them, almost all Vancouver meal kit companies offer vegetarian meals, and some companies have vegetarian plans that include vegetable-based recipes, only with an option to include protein, such as chicken, fish, or seafood.

The average family size in Vancouver is 2.8 people, with around 30% having difficulties with their food budget. For them, some Vancouver meal delivery companies offer family plans with healthy and kid-friendly meals under $10.

Fun fact: Vancouverites spend 91 minutes a day consuming food, which ranks them the second in the nation.

What Is a Meal Kit?

Most meal kit companies will deliver their subscription box to your door (or wherever you choose to have the meal kit delivered to). Within the box, the meat products will be chilled/frozen (my Hello Fresh boxes are more than 50% frozen after several hours in the August heat) in a separate package, and the rest of the ingredients for each meal will be neatly packaged in an easy-to-store bag.

It literally takes less than five minutes of total time commitment to open your app/website, select your meal options, carry the box from your door to your table, open the box, and place the contents in the fridge. No lists, no grocery shopping, no lines, no parking lots, no recipe searches, no getting sick of your “go-to standby meals.” No worries!

The meals take between 15 and 45 minutes to cook up (depending on which meal kit company you choose and which recipes you select for that week). Almost all of the Vancouver meal kit boxes arrive with easy-to-use recipe cards with full nutritional information on them. You can see from the above picture that the Hello Fresh recipe cards that we use come complete with large pictures to illustrate what meal you’re about to enjoy.

While there is obviously a wide variety of meals available, the vast majority of the recipes that we’ve tried have been very healthy. The fresh ingredients make the meals nutritious, and while there is sometimes a too-heavy reliance on adding oil to meals, the overall calorie total comes in between 500-900 per serving.

Global Canadian Meal Kit Companies Servicing British Columbia

The most popular meal kit in Canada, HelloFresh, is available nearly anywhere in British Columbia.

As the largest meal kit company in the world, HelloFresh works with local farmers and suppliers on several continents, to help consumers bypass the grocery store and get food “from field to table” as quickly as possible. This commitment to delicious freshness and high-quality ingredients recently nabbed them the top spot in a recent survey of American meal kit companies done by USA Today. This is noteworthy given the extremely competitive nature of the American meal kit scene.

After having Hello Fresh meals in Vancouver for almost a year now, we can honestly say that the absolute worst meal delivered to our house would be ranked a six out of ten. By letting you choose from a variety of meals, you can “play to your strengths” as far as choosing meat or vegetarian options that you’re familiar with, or try something new each time. The ingredients are consistently excellent and perfectly ripe.

Vancouver’s lowest cost meal kit. If you’re looking to dip your toe into the meal kit waters and see how much it frees up your evening routine, this is the least expensive way to do it. Servings start as low as $5.00 per serving. Chef’s Plate was recently bought out by HelloFresh, and the early indications are that the meal kit companies will stay in separate lanes, as HelloFresh operates as more of premium option with Chef’s Plate targeting the “value” customers in the meal kit world (more on that in our Chefs Plate review).
Based out of Montreal, Goodfood calls itself “Canada’s #1 Meal Kit” and is the decisive third-largest meal kit company in Canada. They ship to Vancouver out of their new Calgary facility that was established to handle Western Canadian logistics. Doubling down on their Canadian identity, Goodfood has teamed up with food celebrities such as media personality Anne-Marie Withenshaw and pro snowboarder Mark McMorris. Goodfood in Vancouver has tried to differentiate itself by adding more menu options, generally includes smaller portions, and is priced closer to the Chef’s Plate end of the spectrum, than the HelloFresh side of things. (More on that in our GoodFood review).
Another Quebec meal kit company that now delivers Vancouver meal kits is Miss Fresh. While they are currently the smallest company out of the four major nationwide meal kit companies, their growth prospects are interesting, and if you are a Metro Grocery shopping, this is likely the way to get your meal kit fix. The reason behind that unique target demographic is that Miss Fresh recently became the first Canadian meal kit company to work with a major grocer. (Metro actually purchased a controlling share in the company.) In addition to various Metro-related promotions, Miss Fresh offers unique healthy breakfast and premium health snacks as add-on options to their weekly meal kit delivery. (More on that in our MissFresh review).

Local Meal Kit Companies in Vancouver and British Columbia

Thanks to its status as Canada’s healthiest city (and one that attracts folks with a high amount of disposable income), it’s no accident that several smaller Vancouver meal kit companies have sprung up over the past couple of years.

Eat Your Cake

Contrary to what you might think upon reading the name, this food subscription box bills itself as Vancouver’s healthiest meal kit delivery option. Eat Your Cake will actually customize your food box order not just to a basic preference such as vegetarian, but even to fit specific goals such as weight loss or premium athletic performance. Their brick-and-mortar physical location on Broadway allows you to directly engage with staff to answer any questions that you may have. If you are looking for an ultra-specific meal kit such as “paleo” or “keto,” Eat Your Cake is probably your best bet for the Vancouver meal kit scene. (They deliver to Surrey, Burnaby, Maple Ridge, Langley, Coquitlam, Port Moody, and Maple Ridge as well.) All cards on the table, though, you will certainly pay extra for this premium service.

Fresh Prep

Launched in 2015 as a Vancouver meal kit company intent on driving a sustainable, locally-driven model for a Canadian food box. Founded by three young Vancouverites, Husein Rahemtulla, Dhruv Sood, and Becky Brauer, Fresh Prep started relatively small as they sought to establish the proper logistics support for their offerings. Rather than ship through established delivery companies, Fresh Prep has gradually built up its own network of drivers and hopes that this will be an advantage over the long haul. In addition to expanding throughout British Columbia, Fresh Prep recently started delivering across Alberta and has plans to grow eastward. Read this Fresh Prep review we just added!


A Vancouver meal kit company that has recently pivoted to partnering with grocery stores and now label themselves,“A meal kit solution designed for the grocery aisle.” Touting their close relationship with OceanWise seafood and Fraser Valley Farms, FUUD is aiming to offer Vancouver residents a premium, sustainable meal kit option. FUUD employee Ryland Haggis stated in a recent interview: “A critical element of our business is our desire to expose customers to new types of ingredients while remaining as sustainable as possible.” FUUD has experienced a bump in popularity since appearing on hit TV show Dragons’ Den.

2 Guys with Knives

Partners Sergio Pereira and Patrick Carr are the “2 guys” who presumably have knives. In 2013, they founded a meal delivery company serving the Vancouver area. Today they offer a customizable platform and support a wide range of dietary needs and allergy conditions as they believe healthy nutrition should be available to everyone in a convenient and affordable manner. 2 Guys with Knives delivers meals for the week, fully cooked and ready to eat, only requiring reheating. Every week, a new menu is available.

The Good Stuff

Finally, the last “Vancouver meal kit company” isn’t really a meal kit company at all—unless you consider a smoothie a meal that is! Producing ready-to-go boxes of smoothies ready for your grab-and-go lifestyle, The Good Stuff offers delicious, nutritious smoothies for $5.00 – $7.00 per serving.

Overall Review of Vancouver Meal Kit Scene

One of the main benefits of living in such a big city like Vancouver is the wide variety of meal kit companies. You can choose from well-established global companies, such as HelloFresh or Chefs Plate, or prefer to support small local companies that just placed their foot in the door of the meal delivery market. In any case, you can expect high-quality food delivered to your door that you need to unpack and store in your refrigerator until you are ready to cook.

On average, it takes about 30 minutes to cook a meal from a kit. All the instructions are clearly described step-by-step, so you don’t need to be an expert to cook a decent meal for yourself and your loved ones. The majority of meal kit companies in Vancouver will let you order up to five recipes a week for up to six people, with a minimum order of two recipes per week.

We hope our meal kit reviews will help you find the company that will satisfy your appetite, fit your dietary needs, and fit your budget.