Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec Meal Kits Review 2021

Ottawa and Montreal meal kits and other food subscription boxes in Quebec have blossomed from locally run businesses by ma-and-pa entrepreneurs, to nationwide mega-companies. With so many meal kit delivery options to choose from, Montreal and Ottawa residents are fortunate to benefit from competition in the market, and the ability to select from a wide variety of meal kit companies.

We’re not going to look at the various types of pre-made meals that are available for pick up or grocery delivery options. Instead, we’re going to focus on which national meal kit companies (see our Hello Fresh Review, Goodfood Review, and Chef’s Plate Review for more information) deliver to Montreal and the rest of Quebec, and compare them to some of the smaller, local-only options.

Quebec’s Best Meal Kits - August 2nd, 2021

Overall rating 98.2%
HelloFresh Review
Plans for
  • Singles
  • Vegetarians
  • Picky eaters
  • Families
Price range/ week
$79 ‐ $165
$39 ‐ $83
Pros and cons
  • Easily skip weeks as needed
  • Wide delivery service area
  • Reusable packaging
  • Large variety of meals
When we say “Montreal meal kits,” what we’re referring to specifically is a food subscription box where you log in, choose your meals/recipes for the week, and then everything that you need to make that meal is mailed to your door. Obviously, as the second-largest city in Canada, there is no shortage of suppertime meal options.

In case you have never tried a meal kit, here are a few reasons why we love them so much:
  • GONE is the crushing feeling of driving home from work, wondering what you’re going to make for supper, and realizing that you forgot to stop at the grocery store or thaw that cut of meat!
  • SAVINGS from fewer nights ordering delivery or eating out.
  • ZERO wasted food to stink up the fridge.
  • Constant new ideas and tasty recipes
  • DELICIOUS new recipes  
  • Easy-to-follow instructions that even a newbie can master.

Background on Montreal and Quebec Area and Meal Kits Industry

ValueRank (of 10)
Food stores per 100,000 ppl814
Farms per 100,000 ppl3438
Average family size2.85
Experience difficulties with food budget30%10
Eating fruits/vegies 5+ times a day35%1
Time spent eating per day1051
Vegans and vegetarians9.1%3
Duck Poutine – Quebec traditional dish

Montreal is the most populous city in Quebec and the second-most populous city in Canada after Toronto. However, there are only 343 farms per 100,000 citizens, which is one of the lowest numbers in the country, and 81 food stores. This explains why meal kit companies in Montreal are so popular among various demographics–they offer food delivery directly to your door!

The average family size in Montreal is 2.8, the same as in Vancouver, and they both are in fifth place in the country. Thirty-five percent of Montrealites eat fruit and vegetables five or more times a day, which is more than residents of any other city or province in Canada. Over nine percent of them are vegetarians or vegans. Those Montreal meal kit companies that offer vegetarian plans have many current and future customers here.

Fun fact: Montrealites spend more time eating than anyone else in the country, 105 minutes a day.

What Does a Meal Kit Look Like?

With several different national and local meal kit companies available in Montreal, Ottawa, and across much of Quebec, it’s tough to say precisely what your specific food box will look like. That said, the “Big 3” companies tend to deliver a very consistent product across Canada. Your meals for the week will arrive in an insulated box that keeps your meats cool with frozen ice packs, and the rest of your meal comes in self-contained bags. Simply store in your fridge, and when suppertime arrives, pluck out the bag, and get cooking!

The boxes are engineered to keep everything cool, no matter how hot it is outside. When we first started ordering Hello Fresh, we tested the claims by leaving the box outside in 32-degree heat for 8+ hours. The ice packs were still more than 50% frozen when we opened the box, and consequently, the meat was still quite chilled, and the produce was cool and crisp.  Chef’s Plate, and Miss Fresh, and Good Food employ similar engineering for their boxes to deliver meal kits in Ottawa, Montreal, and other Quebec cities, such as Sherbrooke and Levis. 

The boxes come complete with colorful, can’t-screw-it-up-even-if-you’re-a-rookie recipe cards. For a kitchen newbie, these step-by-step instructions are a lifesaver. It’s actually functioned kind of as a cooking 101 class for some of us to be honest. Now we are much more confident in adding spices or homemade sauces/marinades to other meals that we cook.

The bags come complete with all of the ingredients you need, save for a few kitchen essentials such as salt, sugar, oil, or parchment paper. Chef’s Plate is known for their 15-minute meal options, but most meal kit meals take 20-45 minutes from “fridge to table.” Many people choose to get their meal kits delivered to their place of business or a neighbor’s house if they aren’t home during the day or they don’t have a reliable parcel management system in their building. It’s basically the same deal as getting a package from Amazon. All the packaging is usually recyclable or reusable.

Global Canadian Meal Kit Companies Servicing Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec

The most popular meal kit provider in Montreal and around the world is Hello Fresh. It arrived on the Canadian scene several years ago and has used its meal kit delivery experience from several continents to dominate the Canadian food subscription box market. They are not the absolute lowest-priced meal kit in Montreal, but they are competitive on price, and they seek to really deliver outstanding delicious meals (with large portions) each week. We have been a Hello Fresh customers for over a year now and can honestly say we’ve never received a “bad meal.” We should mention in the interest of fairness that most of us are not picky eaters, but everything from the cuts of meat, to the fresh produce that Hello Fresh sends to our doorstep, has been excellent quality.
Goodfood bills itself as “Canada’s #1 Meal Kit” (likely based on their Canada-owned status). While Goodfood is smaller than Chef’s Plate and Hello Fresh, it is larger than any of Canada’s other meal kit companies. Goodfood is clearly aiming to corner the market on being the most popular meal kit in Montreal and throughout Quebec, as evidenced by their partnership with award-winning TV Host and French Media personality Anne-Marie Withenshaw. Goodfood offers a huge menu each week, including many super-fast 20-minute options. We particularly liked how many low-carb recipe options that Goodfood included. We did notice that Goodfood portion sizes were consistently smaller than Hello Fresh’s; however, given that their price point is closer to that of Chef’s Plate, that would make sense.

Local Meal Kit Companies in Ottawa, Montreal, and Quebec


The little meal kit company that could, COOK It was created on a date night when Judith Fetzer mentioned the idea to Patrick Chamberland. In a romantic twist of fate, Patrick was hooked—on both Judith and the meal kit idea. In an interview with the Montreal Gazette, Chamberland revealed: “I got it immediately. I was exactly the type of person who needed something like that, a young professional who wants to eat right and learn new recipes but didn’t have much time or a full range of ingredients at home.” COOK It hit the big time when it appeared on the Quebec entrepreneurship show Dans l’oeil du dragon (think Quebec’s version of CBC’s Dragons’ Den), and made a deal that included selling 35% of their company for $125,000. The local meal kit company believes there is a place in the market for them as a premium product. They are quick to point out that their produce comes from Chez Louis in the Jean-Talon Market, their fish from Poissonerie Falero, and most of their meat from La Maison du Rôti—banking on Quebecers’ passion for elite quality ingredients, as opposed to the “Big 3”

Quebec’s Best Meal Prep Companies - July 29th, 2021

in menu
by dish
Fresh or
La Reserve Culinaire 2018QC
32 $75-$150 $6-$15No promo
Mealpro 2013BC, QC
29 $160-$199.5 $10-$16$10 off
ketolibriyum 2018ON, QC
90 $119-$485 $6-$14910% OFF
Fit Menu 2017QC
70 $66-$221 $11-$1618% off
We Cook Meals 2020QC
14 $81-$328.5 $10-$12$20 off
Les 3 Maitres Gourmands 2014QC
80 ? $4-$19$20 off 2013QC
8 $85 $5-$18Points
Fresh mtl 2014QC
50 $12-$100 $3.5-$145%-20% OFF
Live fit food 2019ON, BC, QC
112 $96-$159 $7-$145% off
la Boite du Chef 2017QC
7-13 $110-$180 $11-$1817% off

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Overview of the Ottawa and Montreal Meal Kit Scene

With so many options and price points to choose from, it’s tough to make a blanket recommendation when it comes to meal kits in Quebec. The majority of our team are loyal to Hello Fresh after enjoying their product for over a year and having only great things to say. Once you start getting meal kits, why not give them all a try? It’s worth changing the provider every now and then just to compare the recipes and explore new tastes.

For kosher or halal specialty foods, you can check out several local companies that deliver ready-to-eat meals. With our exclusive promo discount offers, it’s relatively affordable to order several of these options and give them each a trial period since the first week for each one is such a good sale! (Just remember to cancel your credit card once you’ve decided what the right meal kit option is for you.)