Home Chef Canada Review 2023

Is Home Chef Coming to Canada?

With Canadian meal kit companies such as Hello Fresh expanding rapidly in the Great White North, many of our readers have asked us, “When is Home Chef coming to Canada?” The truth is that as far as we are aware, the big American meal kit companies such as Home Chef, Blue Apron, and Plated don’t have any current plans to expand northward.

We will continue to follow our Google Alerts on the big names and update this article immediately when Home Chef starts delivering meal kits in Canada. However, we have not heard about any plans in this direction. Obviously, as consumers of meal kits, we’d be extremely happy to see more competition in the market, as that gives us more options and keeps companies working hard to offer the possible product and the lowest possible price.

Most Recommended Canadian Meal Kit Companies 2023

Overall rating 93.9%
Cook It Review
Plans for
  • Families
  • Vegetarians
  • Picky eaters
  • Novice cooks
Price range/ week
$73 ‐ $279
$48 ‐ $254
Pros and cons
  • Large selection of meals each week
  • No-commitment subscription. Free shipping
  • Both meal-kits and prepared meals available
  • Vegetarian menus available
Overall rating 97.8%
Chefs Plate Review
Plans for
  • Picky eaters
  • Novice cooks
  • Calorie watchers
  • Busy people
Price range/ week
$46 ‐ $144
$20 ‐ $63
Pros and cons
  • Budget-friendly
  • Wide variety of meals
  • Ability to easily skip any week you choose
  • Delivery to almost anywhere
Overall rating 98.0%
HelloFresh Review
Plans for
  • Families
  • Vegetarians
  • Picky eaters
  • Couples
Price range/ week
$83 ‐ $195
$39 ‐ $92
Pros and cons
  • Wide delivery service area
  • Easily skip weeks as needed
  • Large variety of meals
  • Calorie info provided

Home Chef Review: Editorial Notes

For those who aren’t familiar (and aren’t US-based podcast listeners), Home Chef is one of the three largest USA-based meal kit providers since 2013. The company is the brainchild of Pat Vihtelic, who was building his lifetime passion for cooking. It’s kind of a cool entrepreneurial story, as Pat not only created the recipes and picked the food, but also created the website, and even delivered the meal kits from a rented U-Haul in the beginning days of Home Chef. Pat was so successful that the massive Kroger grocery chain recently purchased the company for upwards of $250 Million! With plans to put Home Chef meal kits in their 2,700+ supermarket locations, Kroger Co. is not messing around. Robert Clark, the Senior Vice President of Merchandising at Kroger, stated, “Kroger continues to redefine the customer experience and provide new ways to shop for, prep and cook meals through exciting brick-and-mortar and digital experiences.” Clearly, the company has the capital behind it to stretch its wings a bit and aggressively pursue the market share. Perhaps that means one day making a move into the Canadian market?

Home Chef vs Top Meal Kits in Canada

Until Home Chef Canada becomes a reality, feel free to check out our in-depth look at Canada’s largest meal kit companies. Our Hello Fresh Review, Chefs Plate Review, and Goodfood Review cover the “Big 3” of national chains. We also compare regional entities such as Saskatchewan’s Zesty Kits and Toronto’s Fresh City Farms.

It’s tough to directly meal kit delivery companies like Chefs Plate or Goodfood to Home Chef because they don’t compete head-to-head in any markets. The one Canadian option that does directly compete with Home Chef is Hello Fresh. After reading several firsthand reviews about comparing their offerings in the USA, the following points might be worth mentioning (keeping in mind that Home Chef might offer a very different product to Canadians if they ever came north of the border).

  • Home Chef offers more choices each week. Their fifteen recipes are seven more than Hello Fresh consistently offers.
  • All the websites gave these two companies the highest marks out of all the meal kits that they tested when it came to the overall food quality of their ingredients. Taste and freshness were excellent for both. HelloFresh had a slight edge when it came to making “no added hormones” and “antibiotic-free” claims.
  • Both Home Chef and Hello Fresh have easy-to-use apps and websites that make the customer experience super easy.
  • One area that Home Chef appears to excel in is their “add-on” ability. This is likely due to their partnership with Krogers. Items like a smoothie or a 5-minute lunch are options that HelloFresh just doesn’t have on their menu.
  • HelloFresh is slightly cheaper.

There’s only so much that one can glean from this comparison of how meal kits stack up in another country, as the logistics of delivering fresh food in a densely-populated country like the USA are radically different from our wide-open Canadian landscape. All the same, it’s good to know that Hello Fresh (by far the largest Canadian meal-kit provider) can go toe-to-toe with any of the big shots from down south.

It is interesting that the American meal kit options aren’t even cheaper than the plans we see in Canada. If you think about the purchasing power difference between the Canadian dollar and the American dollar, as well as the sheer economy of scale, one would think the USA companies would be able to cut prices even more.

Stay tuned to Meal Kits Canada, as we’ll be the first ones with the news if Home Chef comes to Canada (or any other American-based competitors decide to enter the Canadian meal kit delivery market)!

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Home Chef Reviews and Meals

Since 2013, Home Chef has been delivering meal kits in the USA, and we hope to see them in Canada soon. The current customers can choose up to six meals from 22 recipes per week for up to six people either online or via a convenient mobile app. Single meals for one person are not available at Home Chef due to economic inexpediency. Since Home Chef is trying to keep the prices per meal low, the packaging and delivery of meals for one will cost more than the meals themselves.

There is a good variety of recipes each week. You can choose from two to six meals with different types of meat, poultry, or vegetarian meal kits. In case you have any dietary preferences, you can select a calorie-conscious or carb-conscious set of meals. For those customers who have allergies or simply prefer to avoid such foods as nuts, shellfish, pork, milk, mushroom, or red meat, Home Chef gives an opportunity to do so while selecting a plan. The recipes can be easy or more sophisticated, ranging from 10 to 60 minutes to cook.

Unlike many other meal delivery companies in both the USA and Canada, Home Chef does not have different subscription plans. You can choose any meal from the recipes of the week. Technically, it’s one big plan. The prices per serving are usually less than $10, and shipping ranges from $7 to $14.

Overall the customers seem to be happy with Home Chef meal kits. They enjoy the ability to make orders online as well as via a convenient mobile app. The Home Chef Reviews on Google give it a rating of 3.4.

Price per serving
$7 – $9
Weekly Total
$35.96 -$323.64
$7 – $14
Number of plansNo different plans
Veggie options?
Number of meals to choose from each week22
Recipes per week2-6
Number of people2-6
Сooking time (min)10 – 60 min
Google Rating3.4
Downloadable AppYes

To Conclude: Is Home Chef Canada an Option?

While Home Chef Canada is yet to become a reality, we can already say that this company will be welcomed to the Canadian market. Canadians will love it for its low-price meal kits, good recipe selection, vegetarian or low-carb options, and an option to order for families of up to six people. Besides, Home Chef allows excluding certain types of food, which is not a common feature among meal kit companies.

In the meanwhile, please feel free to browse through other meal kit delivery companies in Canada. We are sure you will be able to find a meal kit that delivers to your area and suits you and your family.

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