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Updated on Aug 27, 2020

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Fresh Prep Review 2020

The Vancouver meal kit scene is a very competitive market. See our Fresh Prep Review Summary for the quick and dirty comparison, or read through for an in-depth look at one of Vancouver’s and Victoria’s favorite meal kit delivery companies.

Fresh Prep (not to be mistaken with Fresh City Farms, Hello Fresh, and other fresh-induced names) has only been around for a few years now, but they’ve carved out a dedicated following within their Vancouver home. With recent expansion to Victoria and designs on next-stage expansion into Western Canada, Fresh Prep has plenty of room to grow.

Fresh Prep Ratings by Our Readers
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Plans for
  • Singles
  • Vegetarians
  • Novice cooks
  • Families
  • Picky eaters
  • Calorie watchers
Price ranges
$24.50 – $135.50 / week
$10 – $12.25 / serving
Pros and Cons
  • Own independent delivery system
  • All vegetables are pre-cut
  • Solid cooler bag construction
  • Produce sourced from Vancouver area
  • Online chat not supported
  • Meat sometimes comes frozen
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Our Top-Rated Alternatives to Prepd Meal Kits

Overall rating 98.2%
Hello Fresh Review
Plans for
  • Singles
  • Vegetarians
  • Novice cooks
  • Picky eaters
Price range/ week
$78 – $165
$26 – $104
Pros and cons
  • Large variety of meals
  • Wide delivery service area
  • Easily skip weeks as needed
  • Individual packaging – environmental concern
Overall rating 96.2%
Сhefs Plate Review
Plans for
  • Singles
  • Vegetarians
  • Novice cooks
  • Picky eaters
Price range/ week
$46 – $144
$26 – $72
Pros and cons
  • Lowest priced meal kit
  • Wide variety of meals
  • Super easy meal organization
  • Portion size and veggie / meat balance

Fresh Prep: Editorial Notes

What we liked about Fresh Prep is that they established their own independent delivery system, whereas many of their meal kit competitors in Canada have to rely on delivery companies such as Purolator.

Many customers like the fact that Fresh Prep pre-cuts all of their vegetables. Personally, we think this takes away from some of the fresh flavors that are created when produce is sliced right before it hits the pan or bake sheet.

Several reviews commented on how impressed they were with the protein quality and selection quantity. In addition, Fresh Prep offers very competitive pricing and solid cooler bag construction.

Fresh Prep makes a real effort to source as much as possible from the Vancouver area, so if you live there and that is a primary factor for you, consider the box checked.

CoVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Food safety checks
  • Food suppliers check
  • Drivers use protection
  • Vehicles deisnfected
  • Employees with symptoms not allowed at work
  • No-contact delivery

Fresh Prep: Credibility and Reputation

Dhruv Sood, Becky Brauer, and Husein Rahemtulla are the three local brains behind the Vancouver food subscription box startup. Rahemtulla recently spoke to the Globe and Mail, saying, “If we went too fast, too quickly, that would require losing focus on our operations. Things wouldn’t be as tight.”

Budgets are often stretched at startups, and Sood reported that things were no different for the first several years of Fresh Prep’s existence. Things might be looking up for the company, though, with it’s first round of equity funding for $3 Million.

When asked, the three co-founders (all in their late-twenties) said that they felt they could eventually become the best meal kit in Canada. “We like to think of ourselves,” Mr. Rahemtulla cleverly stated, “as the tortoise in the race.”

Established in 2014
Registered in Vancouver, BC
CEO Husein Rahemtulla, Director
Clients in Canada 17.000
BBB grade A+ (not BBB accredited)
Independent rating

Fresh Prep Meal Plans and Menus

Fresh Prep offers a two-person package and a four-person package. Each Fresh Prep meal can be ordered in quantities of two, three, or four each week.

Their website states that they typically offer customers ten Fresh Prep meals options per week. The cost is a very competitive $10-$13 per serving, and the featured prices are inclusive of delivery and taxes (of which there are very few applied anyway). This cost makes them quite similar to their major competitors.

Unlike Goodfood, Chefs Plate, and Hello Fresh, there is no vegetarian plan available at this time when I go on the Fresh Prep website. That doesn’t mean, however, that vegetarians cannot eat Fresh Prep meals. They plenty of veggie options to choose from—it just depends on the week. If you were going to try and go the vegan or vegetarian route while using Fresh Prep, your best bet would be to log in weekly and see what was offered at that time. They do make it easy to skip weeks (as long as you’re using a computer screen and not a cell phone screen).

Cooking skills needed Unknown
Ingredients sourced from Canadian farms
Vegetarian restrictions Restrict in settings
Exlude an ingredient (e.g. pork) Restrict in settings
Calorie range Dish selection
Low carb options Dish selection
Allergy restrictions Restrict in settings
Recipes per week
Number of people
2-Person Meals
Family Plan
Price per serving
$12.25 n/a $11.50 n/a $10.77 n/a
n/a $10.88 n/a $10.67 n/a $10.00
$0.00 n/a $0.00 n/a $0.00 n/a
n/a $0.00 n/a $0.00 n/a $0.00
Weekly Total
$24.50 n/a $44.50 n/a $62.50 n/a
n/a $62.50 n/a $103.50 n/a $135.50

Personal Experiences with Fresh Prep

Because one person’s experience and thoughts do not make for a well-rounded Fresh Prep review, we scavenged the web to bring you a smattering of first-person accounts from Fresh Prep customers. These were mostly first seen on Yelp, but also from Reddit and Facebook users.

We have been a customer for 5 months. To date we have been very pleased with all of our meals, super excellent quality, diversity of menu choices, excellent ingredients: local, organic, satisfying portions, fun to prepare. Service has always been timely and I like the online flexibility of changing delivery day or quantities. The delivery staff is courteous. We have always received what we ordered, and there have been no missing ingredients. Really like the occasional partnerships with local products and occasionally added samples: e.g., Cricket’s Chocolate/Cricket Meal bar and Salt Spring Onion and Thyme jam. Their meals have renewed my interest in cooking. It also saves us money eating out and there is no waste.

Absolutely do not try! Customer service is a joke! Our order did not come so we phoned customer service and spoke to a Big Rude Moron, Tommy. Asked him where our order is and was accusing us of fraud claiming we already got our order. Asked to speak to the manager and claimed was the manager. Still haven’t gotten our money or order. Do not try, terrible service and not reliable.

I like this company but have decided to pause my subscription for a while.

The good: they deliver usually on time. The packaging is good and we’ve had no issues with the freshness or quality of the ingredients. The recipes are ok most of the time.

The main reason we paused the subscription is that the value is not really there. While the concept is good, I feel that other online stores offer as much or better value (spud.ca). We also found that a lot of their recipes were repetitive. Either they recycle the same recipes or have slightly different variations or use the same kind of ingredients.

Fresh Prep Terms and the Fine Print


Delivery area BC (Greater Vancouver, Victoria)
Home delivery Yes
Work delivery Yes
Must be present for delivery No
Delivery window Between Sunday – Wednesday
Box stays cold for Several hours

Fresh Prep delivers mostly in the Greater Vancouver area and Victoria. You can either order delivery to your home, your work, or pick up your Fresh Prep meals at a designated location. In case you order home delivery, you don’t need to be present to receive your package. It can stay on your porch for a few hours since the bags are insulated. Usually, Fresh Prep delivers their meal kits weekly, between Sunday and Wednesday.


Switch between plans Yes
Minimum subscription length 1 week
How to cancel subscription Email
Extra charge for skipping week No
Weekly deadline to cancel/skip Wednesday at 11:59PM before your next delivery
Auto-renewal Yes
Personalization options Number of people, Recipes per week

Fresh Prep terms are pretty flexible when you need to change the number of meals you need to order if your need to skip a week or cancel your subscription entirely. The cut-off day for any changes is Wednesday before midnight.

Support and Usability

In case you need to get in touch with Fresh Prep customer support, the best way to contact them is via phone or email. They also have updated Facebook and Instagram pages, so you can contact them on social media as well. However, there is no online chat on their website, and no mobile app is available.

Online chat
Social media
Downloadable App
188 Victoria Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 4C3

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there a delivery fee?

No — at least no additional delivery fee. It is all included in whatever price you see online.

Can I skip a delivery week?

Yes. Just log in a week ahead of time, go into your account, and let them know. (Again—no app available like Hello Fresh and Chefs Plate customers enjoy.)

Is there tax?

Tax is rarely applied to most meal kits due to the fact that the vast majority of ingredients in a meal kit are tax-free due to their status as essential items. That said, any items that there would be a tax on, Fresh Prep already includes in the price, so there are definitely no additional tax surprises charged to your credit card.

Is Fresh Prep environmentally friendly?

Yes! Fresh Prep makes every effort to use compostable and recyclable packaging. Their cooler bags are reusable, and they refer several times to their efforts to constantly improve in this area.

Is their meat Halal?

Some of it. Specifically, our chicken and turkey recipes are definitely Halal as they are sourced from Rossdown Farms in Abbotsford, British Columbia. The meat from that farm is certified by the Halal Inspection & Certification Committee of the BC Muslim Association. Any other meat or seafood used in our recipes is not Halal-certified.

What if I’m not home to accept delivery?

Fresh Prep cooler bags will keep your food fresh until it is delivered to your front step. Alternatively, as with other meal kits, you can decide to have a trustworthy neighbor accept delivery for you or have it delivered to work. It’s really not hard to grab your bag out of the work fridge on your way out the door. (Especially when you consider that it is replacing a time-consuming stop at a grocery store!)

The Final Words About Fresh Prep

With over 17,000 customers, Fresh Prep has developed a solid following within Vancouver. While we understand their strategy of building up delivery capability with their own drivers, we seriously wonder if this will be sustainable to keep up as they try to expand into other markets. If we had to guess, we’d say that Fresh Prep will likely firm up their support within Vancouver and Victoria, and find it incredibly difficult to compete against meal kit titans like Hello Fresh and Chefs Plate in the rest of the country.

That’s okay—being a really good regional competitor that offers urban BC residents another solid meal kit option is no small achievement for three young Canadian entrepreneurs! If you live in the Vancouver area and want to eat Fresh Prep meals and compare them to national companies like Hello Fresh, then definitely check them out to see how they stack up. We have created a Fresh Prep vs. Hello Fresh comparison to help you make your choice. If you have anything to add to our Fresh Prep review, please contact us and send us any firsthand cooking pics!

You will need to sign up for a 2-person plan and use the two servings consequentially.

Select up to four 2-person recipes out of 10 meals each week

Select up to four family-friendly recipes out of 10 meals each week