HelloFresh vs Fresh Prep Comparison Review (2023)

What is the best way to select a meal kit company? Compare it to other meal kit companies! In this Fresh Prep vs HelloFresh comparison, we will discuss the similarities and differences between these two companies, compare their plans, prices, meal selections, and other relevant information. Please take a moment to go through our comparison tables. They will help you decide which company has more meal options, better prices, better ratings, and is overall more suitable to your needs.



Easy Fresh Prep vs HelloFresh Comparison

Detailed reviewHello Fresh Review Fresh Prep Review
Delivery areaAB, BC, MB, NB, NL, NS, ON, PE, QC, SKBC, AB
Number of meals to choose from each week2210
Сooking time (min)30 min25 min
Google Rating
Downloadable App
Price per serving$11.49$11.50
Weekly Total (3 Recipes, 2 people)$78.93$69
Get a total of $200 off for
your first recipe boxes
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Get a total of $120 off
on the first 4 meals!
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To make the process of selecting the right meal kit company for you, we have already compared Hello Fresh vs. Good FoodChefs Plate vs. Good Food, and Chefs Plate vs. Hello Fresh. These are The Big 3 meal delivery companies in Canada. Now it’s time to make a Vancouver-based Fresh Prep vs. Hello Fresh comparison!

Fresh Prep (not to be mistaken with Fresh City Farms or Miss Fresh) was established in Vancouver two years before HelloFresh came to the Canadian market. At first, the company stayed local and served only Vancouver customers, but they recently expanded their operations to Alberta, while HelloFresh is an international company originally founded in Germany, and quickly spread over Europe, Canada, the USA, Australia, and New Zealand. In Canada, HelloFresh delivers coast-to-coast.

When we compared the price per serving for Hello Fresh vs Fresh Prep, we found that while they are very similar in some recipes and two-people plans, the weekly totals for other plans are almost twice as high with HelloFresh vs Fresh Prep. For new customers, both companies offer a discount, and the Fresh Prep deal is a little better.

Being a big company, Hello Fresh can afford a better variety of meals each week—22 recipes versus ten meals to choose from with Fresh Prep. However, the quality of recipes is comparable, and it takes about 30 minutes to cook a meal with both Hello Fresh and Fresh Prep.

While comparing the Google rating for Hello Fresh vs Fresh Prep, we noticed that they are very similar. The customers love both companies, but the Fresh Prep rating is a little higher with the Google reviews, even though HelloFresh has a downloadable mobile app, and Fresh Prep does not.

Quick Conclusions

If you live in Vancouver or Alberta, you have a great choice between a global and a local company. On the one hand, you can pick Hello Fresh and enjoy a greater variety of meals. On the other hand, you can support a local business and order meal kits that are locally prepared in Vancouver and delivered to you in a reusable cooler bag. Both companies offer additional items for breakfast and lunch as well as snacks and desserts.

For all other places in Canada, your only choice between HelloFresh vs FreshPrep will be the former since it delivers all over Canada, while the Fresh Prep delivery area is limited to Vancouver and the nearby towns and Alberta. If you’re in a different province or city, why not check out our meal kit delivery search tool to find out who else delivers to your door?

HelloFresh vs Fresh Prep Meal Choices

Detailed reviewHello Fresh Review Fresh Prep Review
Mutton, Lamb00
Low Carb Plan
List Of Allergens
Calories Per Serving

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Even though HelloFresh has a greater meal variety, Fresh Prep offers comparable quality meals. Neither of the companies has mutton meals, but both have pork, beef, chicken, seafood, cheese, and vegetables on their menu. Hello Fresh also includes turkey, which Fresh Prep does not, but Fresh Prep has mushroom recipes and 100% vegan meals that are not included in the HelloFresh menu.

When we compared recipes in both companies for a given week, it turned out that Fresh Prep had more meat variety, while Hello Fresh offered more vegetarian recipes. HelloFresh did not offer low-carb meals, and their meals were 420 calories per serving, while Fresh Prep meals were 350 calories per serving.

Low-carb meals are not very popular in Canada, so none of the two companies offer them. HelloFresh meals are around 400 calories, while Fresh Prep meals are more than twice as satiating, with over 1000 calories per meal, on average.

In case you have any food allergies, it is very important to check the list of allergens, which is provided by both companies. Unfortunately, no substitutes are available, but you can easily avoid unwanted ingredients because they are packed separately.

What You Get With Either Company

As we have already mentioned above, the Fresh Prep vs. Hello Fresh comparison is mainly relevant for those who live in and around Vancouver and Alberta, because those are the only areas where both meal kits are available. For Vancouverites and Albertans, we can say that both companies deliver fresh and high-quality meal kits with recipes and ingredients for your breakfast, lunch, or dinner. The main difference between the two is that Fresh Prep is a local company while HelloFresh is a global corporation. Each of these brings its own advantages.

Because HelloFresh is a significantly larger company, they have the capability to offer a wider variety of meal plans and a greater volume of meal options each week. Fresh Prep does not have the same capability, but they excel at capitalizing on local partnerships to deliver fresh food sourced primarily from British Columbia.

Another difference between HelloFresh vs Fresh Prep is their delivery. Fresh Prep delivery is free and they also have slightly lower prices than HelloFresh. In regards to the physical meal kit container, HelloFresh utilizes insulated boxes that can be recycled, while Fresh Prep uses delivery bags that are meant to be left in a cooler on your porch. Fresh Prep sends a text message when the meal kit is delivered so that you can unpack the bag as soon as possible and put all the ingredients in the fridge. The HelloFresh box can stay on your porch for a significantly longer time, since the container is insulated.

To conclude our Fresh Prep vs Hello Fresh comparison, we can say that if you’re looking for meal kits in Vancouver or Alberta, you have multiple highly-rated brands available to you. You can try a global company that offers many options to choose from, or support a local business with fewer options but with comparable meal kit quality and freshness. Both companies offer great customer service, so if you need to skip a week or two or cancel your subscription entirely, just let them know, and they will be happy to assist. In the end, it may be easiest to simply order meal kits from both Fresh Prep and HelloFresh and feel the difference for yourself.

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Hello Fresh Review

  • More specialty plans available
  • Extensive meal variety
Get a total of $200 off for
your first recipe boxes
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Fresh Prep Review

  • Lower prices and free delivery
  • Local to BC and AB
3 free meals,
up to $120 value
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