Meal Kit Delivery Companies Near Me in Canada 2024

When looking at meal kit delivery options across a country as large as Canada, it can be difficult for you to know who serves your neighbourhood. It does not help that Canada’s meal prep services have varying levels of information on their sites. Some state which province they deliver to but you need to contact their customer support team to find out if your zip code is included. The good news is that we’ve created a unique postal code tool so you can find out which of the main companies deliver to your door! 

Below is a map of the areas that Canada’s meal kit delivery companies encompass. We fleshed out which companies operate in what cities and the postal codes that are covered, so you don’t waste time looking up services you can’t use. If you live in a bedroom community or an exurb of cities or more remote, it’s unlikely that most of the meal prep delivery companies will deliver to your area (check out our HelloFresh review to look into your best option if don’t live right inside an urban centre). But, more and more meal kit delivery areas are growing, so most people will have at least a few options to choose from.

Which meal kit delivery companies are near me? 

Our one-of-a-kind postal code checker tool lets you find out in seconds which meal prep delivery companies you can choose from. Simply enter your zip code and hit search, or click on the map and drag it until you find your province and neighbourhood and click on it.

Meal Kits Delivery Availability Across Canada

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What are the HelloFresh delivery areas?

The HelloFresh delivery areas are Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Québec, Newfoundland, and the Maritimes. This covers 95% of Canada’s population making it the largest meal kit delivery company in Canada. Their delivery fee is $9.99, except in Newfoundland where shipping is $19.98. However, the first delivery is free for every user.

What are the Chefs Plate delivery areas?

The Chefs Plate delivery areas are Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Manitoba. They offer free delivery on all plans except for the two-person plan with two meals per week ($6 per delivery).

Is there meal prep near me that’s suitable?

We were curious to know the eating habits of fellow Canadians and how the meal prep companies take them into consideration. After analyzing the questionnaires, we found some interesting results.

The average household in Canada is two to three people, and 70% of household members prefer to eat some meals—usually dinners—together. On average, it takes them 31 minutes to shop for their groceries and 42 minutes to cook dinner. An average Canadian spends 91 minutes on eating two meals a day. Almost 70% of Canadian residents are buying or willing to buy their groceries online. 

Meal prep companies eliminate grocery shopping time and cooking time can be reduced to as little as 10 minutes with some companies, depending on the recipe. The average is somewhere between 20 and 30 minutes. That’s about 45 minutes of free time for those Canadians who prefer to use meal prep services in their area!

Those Canadians who already use meal prep services agree that meal kits save time (65%) and expose them to new cuisines, recipes, and flavours (73%). Even the 9.4% of Canadians who don’t eat meat agree that meal prep companies expand their horizons in terms of new food experiences. Almost every meal prep delivery company in Canada offers either separate meals for vegetarians or a whole meal prep plan that consists of vegetarian recipes only. 

In the past few years, meal kit delivery companies started expanding their menus to include those potential customers who follow special diets, such as keto or low in calories. For those who follow certain religious restrictions, there are meal kits with kosher or halal food. Also, some companies try to go as organic as possible when they select ingredients for their recipes, which is important to many Canadians.

Overall, we can say that meal prep companies respond well to the needs and interests of Canadians. They help save time on cooking and grocery shopping, and at the same time provide great culinary experiences for both meat-eaters and vegetarians.

Canadians’ eating habits and opinions, 2019 – 2020 

Average household size2.5 persons
Eating some meals with a partner70%
Average meals per day2
Average time spent grocery shopping31 minutes
Average time spent preparing a dinner42 minutes
Average time spent on eating91 minutes
Vegetarians and vegans7%*
Influenced by nutrition info when buying food58%
Buying or willing to buy groceries online69%
Agree that meal kits save time65%
Agree meal kits expose to new cuisines73%
Eat fruit and vegetables regularly76%*
Try to eat healthily58%*

*2023 data
Sources: Statista, StatCan, OECD

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Our Meal Prep Delivery Guides by Province or City

As well as our meal prep delivery map, we’ve also created province or city-specific guides. As of 2024, three food prep delivery services dominate the overall market— HelloFreshChefs Plate, and Goodfood. We call them “The Big 3” and they are available coast-to-coast. 

Along with these larger companies, regional contenders have popped up across Canada. The more we continue to learn about and test these meal prep delivery companies in Canada, the greater MealKitsCanada will continue to become as we update it. If you are particularly fond of one of these smaller regional competitors—or if you own one—drop us a line, and we can chat!

Toronto Meal Kits Review 2024

HelloFresh, Goodfood, Chefs Plate, and Fresh City Farms, in addition to several regional companies!

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The Big 3 + two smaller local meal kit delivery firms: Rooted and Spud

Montreal and Quebec Meal Kits Review 2024

The Big 3 + many local companies.

Vancouver Meal Kits Reviews 2024

Fresh Prep, FUUD, 2 Guys With Knives and The Good Stuff.

Halifax and the Maritimes Meal Kits Reviews 2024

Offering the Big 3 with no local competitors.

Winnipeg, Regina, and Saskatoon Meal Kits Reviews 2024

To top 3 companies are available together with ZestyKits available partially in the region.

Summary: How do I choose the best food delivery service near me?

Choosing the best food delivery service near you comes down to price, any diet you follow (there are meal kits that help with weight loss), whether you are looking for meal kits for singles vs families, and the variety of meals you’re after. Of course, your postal code is going to dictate which delivery companies you can choose between. Overall, the vast majority of Canadians now have access to at least a couple of meal prep delivery services. If you live in Toronto, you have access to more than seven, while the majority of Canadian urban centers now offer at least one local-based alternative in addition to The Big 3 nationwide options.

With meal kits predicted to massively increase in popularity over the next few years given their success in Europe and the USA, there is little doubt that increased competition will push prepared meal delivery companies to refine and diversify their services and offer them to as many Canadians as possible according to their dietary or religious needs, and other preferences. This is good news for you, as it means more healthy competition and the cheapest meal kits possible. Keep returning to our meal kit delivery guide for the latest updates as the industry continues to expand.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Where does HelloFresh ship Canada?

HelloFresh ships to 95% of the Canadian population. The company regularly expands their delivery zone too, so if you’re not covered now you could be in the future.

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