When looking at meal kit delivery options across a country as large as Canada, it is difficult to provide exact analysis of specific neighbourhoods.  It doesn’t help that Canada’s meal kit companies don’t provide maps of their deliver areas, instead asking you to input your specific postal code.

Below is an updated map of where each of Canada’s meal kit delivery areas encompasses, what we are doing is fleshing out exactly what companies operate in what cities.  Now, if you live in a bedroom community or exurb of these cities, it’s still unlikely that most of the meal kit companies will deliver to your area (check out our Hello Fresh review to look into your best option if don’t live right inside an urban centre).

Meal Kits Delivery Availability Across Canada

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Our City-Specific Meal Kit Delivery Guides

So, for the time being, at the same time we work on developing our “master catch-all map”, we’re working on developing city-specific guides.  As of early 2019, three main Canadian meal kit companies dominate the overall market.  In addition to Hello Fresh, Chef’s Plate and Goodfood are also available coast-to-coast.  Metro grocery-owned Miss Fresh is also available in most Canadian urban markets.  In addition to these larger companies, regional contenders have popped up right across Canada.  The more we continue to learn and test about these companies, the greater MealKitsCanada will continue to become as we update it.  If you’re particularly fond of one of these smaller regional competitors, drop us a line and we can chat!


Overall, the vast majority of Canadians (Hello Fresh states that it now delivers to 95%+) have access to at least one meal kit company.  If you’re fortunate enough to live in Toronto, you have access to 7+, while the majority of Canadian urban centres now offer at least one local-based alternative, in addition to “The Big 3” nation-wide options.  With meal kits predicted to massively increase in popularity over the next few years given their success in Europe and USA, there is little doubt that increased competition will push companies to refine their services and offer them to as many Canadians as possible.  Keep returning to our meal kit delivery guide for the latest update as the industry continues to expand.