Meal Prep Delivery in Canada

There are two types of meal kits in Canada: ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat. Which type do you prefer? Ready-to-cook meal kits, such as those provided by Hellofresh, Chefs Plate, and Zesty Kits, and other meal kit delivery companies, include illustrated recipes with detailed instructions and all the necessary ingredients, sometimes organic. Using this kit, you can cook a restaurant-quality meal for yourself, your partner, or your family, in about 30 minutes, and have a gourmet dinner for a fraction of the restaurant price.

    Alternatively, ready-to-eat meal prep services deliver food that has already been cooked and, in some cases, frozen or air-chilled. All you need to do is to heat it up, and voila, dinner is ready!


    The Best Meal Prep Companies in Canada

    Company Year
    in menu
    by dish
    Fresh or
    Cook It 2014 5
    5-6 $71-$156 $9.8-$11.8 40% off
    Premium choice meals 2018 NL
    11 $55-$250 $11-$13 2 free meals
    Crave Healthiness 2020 BC
    15 $22-$43 $22-$43 No promo
    Healthy Alternative 2018 ON
    16 $75-$150 $11-$15 No promo
    One Life Meals 2015 ON
    30 $79.3 $10-$16 No promo
    La Reserve Culinaire 2018 QC
    32 $75-$150 $6-$15 No promo
    FED 2017 BC
    72 $159-$189 $10.6-$12.6 15% off
    Planted Meals 2020 BC
    20 $45-$50 $9-$10 Free Delivery
    Just bite me meals 2020 AB
    14 $50-$150 $7-$24 No promo
    2 Guys With Knives 2013 BC
    51 $33-$160 $8-$16 20% off
    OTR Meals 2016 ON
    52 $165-$170 $15-$21 5% OFF
    Lean On Meals 2016 AB
    16 $53 $4-$15 No promo
    MealFix Canada 2015 ON
    25 $48-$135 $5.5-$14 25% off
    Batch Food 2012 BC
    180 $40-$400 $6-$45 10% off
    Honey Bee Meals 2016 ON
    31 $56-$140 $12-$15 No promo
    Power Kitchen 2017 ON
    24 $40-$310 $7-$18 5% off
    Simple spoons 2015 SK
    10 $17-$170 $17-$17 No promo
    Meals and more 2013 2
    110 $51-$200 $3.6-$7.3 No promo
    Vaah Tiffin Service 2021 2
    20 $80-$325 $8-$15 $30-$90 OFF
    Mealpro 2013 2
    29 $160-$199.5 $10-$16 $10 off
    ketolibriyum 2018 2
    90 $119-$485 $6-$149 10% OFF
    Fresh MTL 2014 QC
    50 $12-$100 $3.5-$14 5%-20% OFF
    Saveurs Santé 2006 BC
    70 $125-$150 $5-$25 4.5% off 2010 QC
    25 $85-$250 $5-$18 Points
    Les 3 Maitres Gourmands 2014 QC
    80 n/d $4-$19 $20 off
    Gainz locker 2017 SK
    58 $10-$200 $10-$20 No promo
    Chomp Vegan Eatery 2011 BC
    15 $13.5-$149 $2-$16 5-25% off
    We Cook Meals 2020 QC
    14 $81-$328.5 $10-$12 $20 off
    Fit Menu 2017 QC
    70 $66-$221 $11-$16 18% off
    Fit Kitchen 2015 AB
    56 $150-$275 $9-$15 No promo
    204 meal prep 2016 MB
    35 $38-$214 $10-$17 No promo
    Todays menu 2002 ON
    121 $50-$250 $5-$18 No promo
    Suppercentral 2009 MB
    35 $66.5 $5-$12 No promo
    Yogi's Kitchen 2018 BC
    100 $52-$81 $11-$13 $185 OFF
    eFresh Meals 2015 ON
    15 $80-$253 $11-$13 25% off
    Live fit food 2019 3
    112 $96-$159 $7-$14 5% off
    Heart to Home Meals 2015 3
    210 n/d $3-$10 No promo
    la Boite du Chef 2017 QC
    7-13 $110-$180 $11-$18 17% off
    Roots kitchen 2020 PE
    20 $82-$245 $6-$38 No promo

    There are many meal prep companies in Canada. However, the majority of them are local, which is great on the one hand. This means that companies like Live Fit Food in Ontario and Lean On Meals in Alberta use locally-grown seasonal produce from nearby farms, and customers support local businesses. On the other hand, meal prep in Toronto may differ significantly from meal prep in Montreal or Ottawa, while the biggest ready-to-cook meal kit companies deliver the same kits all over the country.

    The good news is that the ready-to-eat meal prep delivery business is growing, and some companies, like MealPro or Heart to Home Meals, are already delivering in more than one province. MealPro is now available in British Columbia and Quebec, while Heart to Home Meals can be ordered in Alberta, Ontario, and Nova Scotia.

      Meal variety and availability vary a lot from company to company. Some smaller companies, like La Boite Du Chef or in Quebec, only offer 7-13 meals, while such companies as Les 3 Maitres Gourmands that serves Quebec, and Live Fit Food that offers prepared meal delivery in Toronto, have more than 80 meals on their menus. The biggest menu on the meal prep market, over 200 meals, is now offered by Heart to Home Meals. Some companies offer healthy meal prep plans or subscriptions, while others sell the meals individually.

        Special Awards

        To help customers find the very best ready-to-eat meal delivery companies for their needs, and also to commend the best-performing Canadian meal delivery companies, our team is excited to publish our 2021 MealKitsCanada awards! We gathered data on 95 Canadian companies that deliver ready-to-eat meals of all different kinds. We examined positive and negative customer reviews, menu option variety, and price ranges to find the very best meal kits for each of our award categories.

        in Ontario

        Best in Ontario

        Out of 37 different ready-to-eat meal delivery companies in Ontario, the winner of the MealKitsCanada Best in Ontario Award is One Life Meals. This company is also ranked in the top 5 of meal delivery companies nationwide. One Life Meals offers prepared meal delivery to Greater Toronto Area residents, with meals delivered on Sundays and Wednesdays. The company focuses on healthy eating and fitness-oriented diets.

        in Quebec

        Best in Quebec

        Our MealKitsCanada Best in Quebec Award goes to FreshMTL, which beat out 13 other Quebec-based companies for this distinction. This company got its start back in 2014 by selling fruit juice, but quickly expanded to salads and then to delivering entire meals. FreshMTL has combined their juice expertise with their meal prep skills to build a popular meal delivery service that has something to satisfy everyone’s tastes.

        Best in British Columbia

        Best in British Columbia

        After thoroughly examining 21 companies operating out of British Columbia, we are proud to announce MealPro as the MealKitsCanada Best in British Columbia winner. The company offers a 16-dish and a 20-dish weekly plan, with the latter having a discounted delivery charge. MealPro has committed to supporting sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices for sourcing their food. All ingredients are non-GMO.


        Best vegetarian

        Many fresh and frozen meal delivery companies offer vegetarian plans, but we only found 5 companies in Canada that bill themselves as entirely vegetarian. From these 5, we are pleased to announce Planted Meals as our MealKitsCanada Best Vegetarian winner! Despite being just a year old, this company has already built up impressively high reviews, which come as no surprise given their diverse menu and affordable prices.

        small company

        Best small company

        We are excited to present our MealKitsCanada Best Small Company award to 2 Guys With Knives. This small business prides themselves on using the highest quality cuts of meat and organic local produce from natural and environmentally-friendly sources. 2 Guys With Knives say that quality matters, and their customers agree: reviews have been extremely positive with special praise for the taste and quality of the meals.


        Best delivery

        Our MealKitsCanada Best Delivery award goes, without a doubt, to LiveFit Foods. This meal delivery company has built a loyal base of customers across Canada thanks to their quick, efficient, and reliable delivery services. Customers reported that on the few instances when there were delivery problems, LiveFit Foods representatives were very responsive and quickly resolved the issue. New customers receive free shipping.


        Best Selection

        With over 100 items on their menu, our MealKitsCanada Best Selection award goes to Yogi’s Kitchen. This company’s focus on South Asian cuisine has won them extensive praise for their exquisite flavors and unique spice combinations. Yogi’s Kitchen offers 4 different meal packages and three different meal plans based on the type and quantity of food desired. The company offers free delivery for all customers.

        Best eco-friendliness

        Best eco-friendliness

        When it comes to environmentally-conscious eating, few companies match the standard set by On The Run Meals, which is why they’re the winners of the MealKitCanada Best Eco-Friendliness award. This company avoids processed food in favor of local, ethically sourced, organic, and non-GMO ingredients. On The Run Meals also stands out with their thoughtfully designed packaging, all of which is either biodegradable or recyclable.

        Best value for the money

        Best value for the money

        Meal delivery services can get pretty expensive, so it’s important to get your money’s worth. Our MealKitsCanada Best Value award goes to Lean On Meals, a company that offers tasty meals at an affordable price and strives to make sure that their customers are satisfied with the service. Lean On Meals is unique for their no-questions-asked refund guarantee, though the company warns that this program should not be abused.

        for fitness

        Best for fitness

        Meal kit food can often be so good that you find yourself putting on a few extra pounds. Our MealKitsCanada Best Fitness award goes to Power Kitchen, a company that aims to please with their healthy and delicious fitness-driven menu items. This company offers customized meal plans that combine various meal boxes to meet each client’s own fitness goals, whether they’re looking to bulk up, build muscle tone, or slim down.

        Is Meal Prep in Canada Expensive?

        While the overall idea of meal prep boxes sounds appealing, some Canadians may think that it would be too expensive to order meal prep delivery. What we can see from the table above is that the cost of fitness meal prep boxes varies from just $2 per serving at Chomp Vegan Eatery that serves British Columbia, to as high as $25 per serving at Saveurs Santé in Quebec. On average, you can order a meal prep box for about $11-$15 per serving, which is comparable to ready-to-cook meal kit prices.


        The Benefits of Meal Prep Delivery in Canada

        The benefits of ready-to-eat meal prep services are similar to those of ready-to-cook meal kit companies:
        • When you subscribe to a meal prep plan, you don’t have to think about what’s for dinner anymore
        • You save time on meal planning, grocery shopping, and cooking
        • You try new cuisine and broaden your taste horizons
        • You support local businesses and local farms by getting locally-raised produce
        • You reduce food waste

        The only major difference between getting a ready-to-cook meal kit or ready to eat meals in Canada is that you won’t get any new cooking skills since you don’t have to cook, just heat the meal up.


        Final Words About Meal Prep Delivery in Canada

        Meal prep delivery services in Canada are on the rise. In big cities, people are very busy. They prefer to save time anywhere they can. Meal prep companies give them this opportunity by delivering food that has already been cooked and only needs to be heated to consume, and Canadians appreciate it. The majority of companies don’t freeze their meals, making them as close to home-made meals as possible.

        Some meal prep companies choose a small niche and deliver specialized menus, such as vegetarian, organic, keto, kosher, or halal meals.

        While there are no nationwide meal prep companies at the moment, almost every big city in Canada has at least one available to the residents. All you need to do is search for “meal prep near me,” and you are likely to find one. You will have an option to buy individual meals or subscribe to one of the meal prep plans to have a weekly delivery. In case you prefer to cook your own food and eat it fresh from the stove, check out our meal kit reviews.