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Hello, Fellow Hungry People!

This site started in 2016 as a food blog by Kyle Prevost, who enjoyed eating and journaling about his experiences with meal kits in Canada. Today we are a team of researchers who not only like to eat but also have a passion for collecting data, analyzing it, and sharing our findings with fellow Canadians who have an interest in meal kits.

We’ve always enjoyed the eating aspect of food, much more than the whole cooking thing. While meal kits haven’t made us into 5-star chefs, they have allowed us—rookies in the kitchen—to make a wide variety of fresh, delicious, nutritious meals in only 30 minutes!

When we decided to try meal kits for the first time, we were looking for a solution to our dinnertime dilemma. We were very reluctant to take responsibility for planning a meal, shopping for ingredients, or do anything outside of our comfort zone. Meal kits have not only delivered dozens of excellent meals to our literal doorsteps, but they have also taught us the finer points of cooking certain types of food and really helped our ever-evolving quest to eat better.

After our meal kit epiphany, we decided to create a resource that explained what meal kits were and compared different options available throughout Canada. Part of creating the Ultimate Canadian Meal Kit Guide is that we had to eat a bunch of delicious food—not because we want you to understand—but in the name of accurate science-based food journalism!

The potential problem was that not all of us have access to all of Canada’s meal kit options. As a result, we’ve created a team of reviewers to assist us in the building and updating of the current meal kit scene from coast-to-coast-to-coast. Check out our Hello Fresh Review (the founder’s personal favorite food box subscription), Chef’s Plate Review, and Goodfood Review for a look at the top three meal kit companies in Canada today.

Our goal statement is simple: We want to help Canadians make informed choices on the best meal kits for their taste buds, their wallets, and their precious time.

Any questions? Drop me a line at {my first name}@mealkitscanada.ca and share your stories with me!

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Catherine Gelowsky
Catherine Gelowsky
1 year ago

Does your Company deliver to Ottawa? Do you have Keto or Low Carb meals?

Angela Chen
Angela Chen
11 months ago

I don’t seem to see the contact information for Kyle Provost – so I hope to share my experience with you about Good Food_ this company has a phone number listed but really it’s only an online contact available. This is an issue for seniors who may be computer iliterate. So as a dietitian I cannot be recommending this company to my patients.

Natasha Cass
Natasha Cass
10 months ago

It would be great if you could take environmental impact into consideration in your reviews. I’ve noted, with Good Food at least, that their claims are false. They do not pick up boxes, and the components are not all recyclable in Ontario. It is 2020 — they should figure this out!

8 months ago

Thanks for the reviews. I noticed that you say delivery is free for most companies, so I thought you might want to update that Hello Fresh is charging $9.99 for delivery (I live in New Westminster). The boxes are coming in at $79.98, so with the delivery it is costing $14.99 per meal.

4 months ago

Just for the record…Hello Fresh does NOT have single serving meals…regardless of what they advertise or say. I spoke with them, and they said their idea of a single serving portion is (get this) to buy a 2 person serving, and call it a single serving with leftovers. Mighty expensive leftovers if you ask me. Hello Fresh did apologize however, and said they are working on it, and hope to have actual single servings in the (hopefully) near future. To my knowledge there is no meal kit companies serving BC that make provisions for single servings. Or if there is… Read more »

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