Cook it vs. WeCook

In today’s comparison, we have two meal services, i.e. WeCook and Cook it. WeCook is one of the world’s best ready-to-cook meal kit services. WeCook is a relatively new brand but has raised millions in investor funding and has established a solid social media presence. 

Cook it has been a life-changing platform that has removed the stress of cooking from the lives of numerous families. We can analyze their power because Cook it bought its biggest competitor, Miss Fresh, in 2019 and expanded its production capacity to over 24,000 sq. ft. However, many customers complained that there was a contracting difference between the service of Hello Fresh and Cook it. 

Whereas WeCook had always been ready to capture the market with the very first chance. But when both meal delivery services are in throat-cutting competition, and both want to dominate the market as much as possible, how would you decide which one is for you? 

Worry not because we will provide a complete face-off between WeCook and Cook it below. So, let’s get started.

Cook it vs. WeCook Comparison​

Detailed review Cook it Review We Cook Review
Established 2014 2013
Delivery area ON, QC, Maritime Provinces


Number of meals to choose from each week 16 N/A
Сooking time (min) 15-30 min 2 to 5 min
Google Rating
Downloadable App
Price per serving $8- $12 $10.75 ‐ $14.55
Weekly Total (3 Recipes, 2 people) $66 – $241 $81.30 – $352.50
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1  WeCook recipe boxes
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Cook it vs WeCook: Pricing

Cook it

Cook it is the name of convenience and delicious food. The cost per meal will depend on the number of recipes and servings you choose for yourself. Their meals broadly range from $7.33 to $11.84 per serving. This price will reduce when you have more options for your meals. We noticed that the meal kit service cost us more than the groceries, but the plus point was zero waste, which saved us from the tiring trips to groceries. The standard menu costs $10.25 for each serving, while the vegetarian option costs $9.63 per serving.


The price of WeCook meals varies between the subscription plans you choose. It may cost from $10 to $14 per meal minus any discount or promotional gift you will get. The more you order, the better chance you will get lesser rates. The more committed you are for a week, the less you will have to pay in a week. You can even choose between 100g and 200g of meat for each fish. Your 22 meals weekly provide three meals per day, costing $30. For an entire week, the subscription cost will be $210. Their vacuum-sealed meats and snacks are not publicly available; therefore, you must sign in to discover their prices.

Quick Conclusions

The most significant difference between the two services is WeCook delivers delicious ready-to-eat meals at your doorstep. In contrast, Cook it offers meal boxes with recipe cards and preportioned ingredients to create a delicious meal. WeCook takes your responsibility for cooking meals and allows you to enjoy your time doing what you love the most. The company delivers in Quebec and Ontario along with 500 recipes for members to choose from. Recently they are expected to move towards Western Canada as well. 

Their food quality is top-notch with on-time delivery. However, they have an option for cooked and raw meats as well. It’s the same protein as used in their meal plans. Cook it delivers to Eastern Canada, including Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes, without any delivery fee. You receive the ingredient box except for salt, pepper, milk, butter, oils, and vinegar at the address. Delivery boxes are insulated and come with several ice packs to keep meats, seafood, and dairy products at the right temperature. So if you’re not home at the delivery time, the food should be fine for a few hours. The driver leaves your box at the door. 

Cook it had always remained ahead of time. This time it introduces its Sustainable Kit program that contains zero cardboard and plastic. The kit has 100% reusable dishes. It is available for the Montreal region only but will be available in other provinces.

Cook it vs. WeCook Meal Choices

Cook it is a highly-reviewed company with a well-earned status as one of Eastern Canada’s premier meal kits. Cook it has two major food plans, the Regular menu and the Vegetarian menu, where 14 ready-to-cook meal kits are offered weekly. The customers can pick between 2 to 7 meals a week and 2 to 4 servings per meal. Along with ready-to-cook meal kits, they also have 6 ready to eat meals offered weekly as well. 

Whereas WeCook offers four different plans such as 6 meals,  9 meals, 14 meals, and 22-30 meals. Their 6 meal plan is for individuals who will need one meal from WeCook a day, 9 meals plan is best for singles and couples, 14 meal plan is for busy people who can’t handle cooking, whereas 22-30 meal plan is for a family or a group of people. 

We love WeCook for its generous portions. Their regular-sized meals give 600 to 900 calories whereas its competitor Cook it meals have 350 calories per serving. It made it easier to eat better, not lesser. Therefore, if you want to limit your portions but maintain an adequate calorie count, then WeCook will be perfect.

What did you get with either Cook it vs WeCook?

Cook it can accommodate your needs whether you live alone, with a partner, or in a big family with kids; Cook it has something for everyone. Cook it offers a great selection of meals from various world cuisines. There is a vegetarian menu with vegan options for those who don’t eat meat.  

All the ingredients come in a 100% recyclable and reusable insulated box that can keep the products fresh for up to 12 hours. You don’t need to be at home when your package arrives; it will be waiting at your door when you return. Cook it subscriptions do not require any commitment and can be cancelled anytime.

While creative and high-quality recipes are designed to be foolproof, accommodating cooks of all levels. Beginners can also get extra help from the Cook it Academy, an online resource with new cooking tutorials added weekly. One week of recipes featured a fusion of ethnic influences from the following regions: Vietnam, Italy, China, Mexico, Korea, Hawaii, and France. They also offer Tuna, Sausage, Lentils, Pork, Bacon, and Chicken for protein options. 

As for WeCook’s new member, you can receive discounts up to $10 to $20 off on your first order, depending on your meal plan. WeCook might not be the ideal option for those looking to redefine their meals; instead, it is best for those who are hustling in their everyday lives and do not have enough time to spend on cooking. As seen by its customer reviews, the food is not only nutritious but incredibly delicious too. In addition, the company understands the importance of environmentally friendly containers and thus packages their food in recyclable material only. While WeCook may not be easy-going on the pocket, they are fairly priced and ideal for those busy with everyday lives but still want to have a decent and healthy meal at least once every day.

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Cook it Review

  • Budget-friendliness
  • Flexible ordering system
Get $65 off your first
3  Cook it recipe boxes
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WeCook Review

  • Extensive meal variety
  • Highest quality food
Get $50 off your first
3  Chefs Plate recipe boxes
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