WeCook vs GoodFood Comparison (Meals, Prices, Service)

Are you tempted to try some of the most famous meal kit delivery services in Canada? The online meal kit delivery scene has been getting increasingly bigger, better, and more fun. From simplifying meal plans to bringing exotic cuisine right across your doorstep at an amazingly affordable rate, meal kit delivery services have changed the cooking dynamics across Canadian households and around the world. 

Two giants in this ever-expanding industry are WeCook and Goodfood. WeCook is one of the best companies in Quebec and Ontario that offers pre-made meals crafted by highly trained chefs using the freshest ingredients from local suppliers. The second option is Goodfood’s meal delivery service which is praised for its healthy, delicious meal kit recipes that let you cook like a chef at home, without the hassle of shopping or looking up recipes.

Since both of these companies have quality food, affordable rates, and chef-curated dishes, what sets them apart from each other? And which meal kit service will best serve you? Find out in our exclusive WeCook vs Goodfood comparison below.

Pros & Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each brand to see what their biggest advantages and disadvantages are:

WeCook ProsGoodfood Pros
✔️ Ready-made meals cut out all cooking time✔️ You get fresh, high-quality ingredients
✔️ Single meal portions are available✔️ Has keto and paleo-specific meals
✔️ You can order up to 30 meals per week✔️ Reusable and recyclable packaging
✔️ Groceries and other food items can be purchased✔️ Free delivery on some plans
✔️ You can choose from two meat sizes for your meals✔️ Canadian owned
✔️ Customize your dish by picking your sides


WeCook ConsGoodfood Cons
✖️ Meals are frozen✖️ Lack of variety on some plans
✖️ No keto-specific meals✖️ More expensive than many meal kits

WeCook vs. Goodfood Comparison

Detailed reviewWeCook ReviewGood Food Review
Delivery areaON, QCAB, BC, MB, NB, NS, ON, PE, QC, SK
Number of meals to choose from each week145-13
Сooking time (min)2 to 5 minFrom 10 min
Groupon Rating
Downloadable App
Price per servingFrom $11.25 to $14.95 From $10.74 – $16.99
Get 80% off your first
1 WeCook recipe boxes
Claim Promo Now
No Promo Available

WeCook vs Goodfood: Pricing
Price is always a deciding factor for any meal kit service. In terms of service, top-notch service and exceptional products are delivered by both companies. However, their pricing plans differ. Goodfood is a better option for weekly meal plans and easy-to-follow recipes (if you want to cook at home), but their meal plans are unsuitable for large families. However, WeCook has an exciting variety of food to offer. They have over 500 recipes and shuffle these each week so you have plenty of flavours to try! It doesn’t cost much more for their meals either, despite them being fully prepped, and in some cases, they’re cheaper than Goodfood’s per-serving prices. 


WeCook lets you choose from 14 meals each week, and up to 30 portions. You don’t need to pick any specific dietary options, you simply pick your meals for the upcoming week/s. If you’re vegetarian or vegan, the options are limited to just one to two vegetarian recipes each week. Another option with WeCook is to choose a small portion of meat (100g) or regular (200g).

All the plans are amazing and time-saving. Going for six meals per week will cost you $13.95 – $14.95, which is ideal for people who want to enjoy at least one healthy meal a day. Their nine-meals-per-week plan costs $12.95 – $13.95 per meal, and 14 meals will cost $12.25 – $13.25 per meal. This option is availed by people who want two nutritious meals daily with proper food portions.

Meals per weekRegular meat portion sizeSmall meat portion size

Their biggest meal deals consist of 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, or 30 meals per week which all cost $11.25 – $12.25 per meal. This is one of the largest amounts available by any meal kit company. They also sell breakfast items and other food such as snacks, so you could virtually buy all of your weekly food through WeCook. Delivery is free on all plans.


The prices for GoodFood meal plans vary depending on the category (classic, vegetarian, easy prep, low carb, and family). The vegetarian meal kits are the cheapest (on the plans they’re available on), and low carb is always the most expensive option. If you were to get six meals per week (3 recipes for 2 people), it would cost $14.49 per classic meal, $13.49 per vegetarian meal, $15.49 per easy prep meal, $16.99 per low-carb meal, and there’s no family option as it’s for 2 people. The smallest family option you can order is 3 recipes for 4 people and that comes to $11.99 per meal or $143.88 for the week. 

  • 2 people / 3 recipes (no family plan available) = $13.49 – $16.99
  • 2 people / 4 recipes (no vegetarian or family plan available) = $13.49 – $16.49
  • 4 people / 2 recipes (all plans available) = $12.49 – $16.49
  • 4 people / 3 recipes (all plans available) = $11.49 – $15.49
  • 4 people / 4 recipes (no vegetarian plan available) = $10.74 – $14.24

The biggest meal deals available with Goodfood are 4 recipes for 4 people (16 meals), so as you can see this is well under the 30 maximum that WeCook offers. Here are the prices for 4 recipes for 4 people: $11.24 per classic meal, no option for this many vegetarian meals, $12.24 per easy prep meal, $14.24 per low-carb meal, and $10.74 per family meal. Delivery is free on all plans. 

Quick Conclusions

Meal kit services have simplified the daily cooking dilemmas of what to cook, who will go for groceries, etc. Just from the comfort of your home, you get freshly ready-to-heat cooked meals that are incredibly scrumptious to your door through miraculous services like WeCook. And when you wish to challenge your inner chef and create a beautiful meal yourself, but with a little help, Goodfood will serve as your ideal partner. 

The beauty of GoodFood is that it allows you to enjoy various meals, all prepared with the ingredients you choose. Meal kits can be a great way to enjoy cooking creative meals with minimal effort. Plus, if you are vegetarian, you are in a treat for the unique plant-based recipes they design, although the variety is limited each week. GoodFood covers you when you want a healthy, delicious meal prepared at home. And if you eat meat, you’ll enjoy the variety and freshness of all the ingredients. 

One of the best aspects of WeCook is there are individually packaged meals. With most meal kit companies (including Goodfood), you have to order at least two portions of every meal. This still may suit you if you’re looking for meal kits for singles because you could always cook up one recipe for dinner and freeze the rest or have the second portion for lunch the next day. Obviously, with some meals (like salads) this wouldn’t work, but you get to pick the meals each week, so you’re in control.

WeCook vs. GoodFood Meal Choices

Detailed reviewWeCook ReviewGood Food Review
Mutton, Lamb0
Low Carb Plan
List Of Allergens

Something we love about WeCook is the customization of sides. You can order from the following options: 1) Rice and vegetables, 2) Potatoes and vegetables, 3) Quinoa and vegetables, 4) Sweet potatoes and vegetables, 5) Vegetables only. So that means on top of choosing whether you want 100g or 200g of meat, you can also pick your favourite sides to really tailor the meal to your taste buds.

When it comes to Goodfood, you can pick from the plans we mentioned above, in pricing: Classic, Vegetarian, Easy Prep, Low Carb, or Family. The total number of recipes across the different plans is 18, which is fairly decent. However, there are only around five vegetarian options each week and the largest variety is found in the Classic plan with around 13 recipes each week. 

Let’s look at a sample of recipes for Goodfood vs WeCook:

Goodfood meals

  • • Ground beef meatballs with savoury mushroom gravy over rustic mash and string beans
  • • Vegan black bean tacos with cucumber-tomato salad and avocado puree
  • • Sheet pan salmon with mustard cream, maple-roasted potatoes, turnips, and beets
  • • BBQ-glazed roasted carrot and walnut bulgar bowls with feta and sesame sunshine vinaigrette
  • • Kerala-style roadside chicken with seared zucchini, raita, and garlic naan

WeCook meals

  • • Roasted pork loin with smoky lentil stew and vegetables
  • • Grilled turkey and quinoa salad with crunchy vegetables, cheddar cheese, and apple vinaigrette
  • • Montreal steak spiced pork filet with smoked BBQ sauce
  • • Taco-style grilled chicken thighs, pico de gallo, and guacamole
  • • “Shish taouk” style grilled chicken thighs, hummus, and garlic sauce

As you can see, these meals sound delicious and a lot of care goes into the weekly menus. A large benefit with WeCook is you can order a number of extras with your meals. They have a large grocery section that includes snacks, smoothies, breakfast meals ($9.95 each), and more.

Dietary Requirements

Goodfood prepares all food safely and indicates the allergens on each recipe, so you can look at this before you order. Ingredients are pre-portioned in individual packages so you can leave out ingredients. However, the boxes are all assembled in the same processing facility so they can’t guarantee there isn’t cross-contamination. Goodfood doesn’t recommend ordering if you have severe allergies. 

WeCook produces all meals in the same facility so cross-contamination is always a possibility. If you have mild allergies, you can see the list of ingredients for each meal online, including allergens and nutritional values. Therefore, neither company is suitable if you have severe allergies.

In terms of diets, Goodfood has keto and paleo meals on the menu each week, although there are usually five to choose from in total. This might be fine if you’re just ordering a couple of recipes a week and like their recipes (most of the low-carb options are really tasty). It can be difficult sticking to a diet on your own, so this can be a great way to learn what to cook on a low-carb diet and stay motivated. They also have five vegetarian meals each week (and one of these is usually vegan). 

In contrast, WeCook has one or two vegetarian meals on the menu each week. There are no keto-specific meals available either, but you can choose “vegetables only” as your side dish to reduce the number of carbs in each meal, and you can choose the larger portion of meat.

Delivery and Packaging

When it comes to Goodfood, depending on where you live, the cardboard box, bags, insulation liner, and bottles may all be recyclable, and they’re made of recycled materials. There is also a Reusable Box Program, which is available in some regions. If it is in your location, you can pay a $50 deposit and you will have two reusable boxes delivered on a rotating cycle. WeCook is also environmentally conscientious and all meals come in packaging that’s recyclable and some of it is made from recycled materials as an added bonus. 

When it comes to delivery, Goodfood delivers to Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, and the Maritimes. They offer free delivery with meal subscription orders, and in some locations offer same-day or next-day delivery. WeCook only delivers to Ontario and Quebec at this stage. 

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Customer Reviews

At the time of writing, Goodfood got an average star rating of 3.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. To give you a gauge of the most positive versus negative reviews, 58% of reviewers gave five stars and 5% gave just one star. On the whole, customers like how well-balanced the meals are, the sustainable packaging, and that dinners are easy to throw together. Some customers complained about late deliveries or missing deliveries some weeks and that recipes are complicated to follow at times. Here is a review left by one customer:

I always enjoy the meals. However, when the occasional issue happens, the customer service is always quick and addresses the issue satisfactorily. Thanks, GoodFood team!

At the time of writing, WeCook got an average star rating of 4.7 out of 5 on Trustpilot. To give you a gauge of the most positive versus negative reviews, 69% of reviewers gave five stars and only 1% gave just one star. Customers are certainly in love with WeCook, as these are very high ratings. Overall, customers find the food quality to be excellent and say that the meals arrive as described online. Many customers even point out it’s cheaper to order these meals than cook a similar recipe from scratch. Some customers complained about incidents with deliveries, and a few suggest an app would make the service better. 

As someone who has been using WeCook for about a month now, I can say that I have really enjoyed each of the recipes I’ve tried so far. The meals have been very enjoyable and the ingredients are fresh and of good quality. My only point of feedback for WeCook would be that I would like to see more diversity in the meals offered. While the current selection is great, I would love to see cuisines from around the world represented as well. Overall, I am very happy with my experience using WeCook and would recommend it to others. I will definitely continue my subscription.

Verdict: WeCook vs Goodfood?

WeCook and Goodfood are both brands that people trust. But when it comes to WeCook vs Goodfood and the service and meals that they offer, they couldn’t be more different. For starters, WeCook delivers ready-to-eat meals; all you need to do is heat them up when you’re ready to eat. That means “prep time” is two to three minutes. Goodfood is more of your traditional meal kit company; you receive pre-portioned ingredients and a recipe card, then have to cook the meal yourself. 

The next big difference is around the meal plan that each brand offers. Goodfood, like most meal kit services, has a minimum meal size of two portions, whereas WeCook delivers individually portioned meals. WeCook lets you choose up to 30 a week, whereas Goodfood only lets you choose up to four recipes (although you can get this for four people, which equals 16 meals). 

Goodfood is better for meal kits for vegans and vegetarians, although the variety is still very limited. Their protein list consists of beef, chicken, plant protein, salmon, cod, pork, and shrimp. The service prioritizes ingredients without additives or preservatives and ensures its meat and fish come from eco-responsible sources. 

WeCook is best for unfussy eaters who enjoy eating meat, are short on time, but want nutritious homecooked meals. Their menu contains short descriptions and pictures to give you a clear understanding of what you will get. They have snacks and breakfasts you can order too, and you can choose your own sides (sweet potatoes are a consumer favourite and one of their most demanded sides). 

So, after getting loaded with valuable, summarized information about two of the top meal kit services in Canada, are you ready to place your first order? If you’re still not sure, try our meal kit search tool, to see what else is available near you.

WeCook Review

  • Significantly lower prices
  • Convenient ordering system and delivery flexibility
Get 80% off your first
1 Cook it recipe boxes
Claim Promo Now

GoodFood Review

  • Higher prices
  • More plans are available, but fewer meals in each plan
No promo available

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