WeCook vs. GoodFood

Are you also tempted to try the most famous meal kit delivery services? The online meal kit delivery services have just gotten bigger, better, and more fun. From simplifying the meal plans to bringing exotic cuisine right across your doorstep at an amazingly affordable rate, meal kit delivery services have changed the cooking dynamics. 

Two giants in this ever-expanding industry are WeCook and GoodFood. WeCook is one of the best companies in Quebec and Ontario that offers meals crafted by highly trained chefs using the freshest ingredients from the local suppliers. The second option is GoodFood Meal Delivery Service which is praised for its healthy, delicious meals at the second-lowest cheapest rates in Canada. 

Where both meal delivery kits have quality food, affordable rates, and chef-curated dishes, what makes them apart? And which meal kit service will best serve you? Find out in our exclusive WeCook vs GoodFood comparison below.

WeCook vs. Goodfood Comparison

Detailed review WeCook Review Good Food Review
Established 2013 2016
Delivery area ON, QC AB, BC, MB, NB, NS, ON, PE, QC, SK
Number of meals to choose from each week N/A 3-12
Сooking time (min) 2 to 5 min 20 min
Groupon Rating
Downloadable App
Price per serving $10.75 ‐ $14.55 $10.43
Weekly Total (3 Recipes, 2 people) $81.30 – $352.50 $62.58
Get $120 off your first
1  WeCook recipe boxes
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WeCook vs GoodFood: Pricing
Price is always the deciding factor for any meal kit service. In terms of service, top-notch service and exceptional products are delivered by both companies. However, their pricing plans differ. We found GoodFood a better option for weekly meal plans and easy-to-follow recipes, but their meal plans are unsuitable for large families. However, WeCook has an exciting variety of food to offer. They shuffle their menu to ensure you always have something new to try daily.


WeCook provides four meal offerings to its customer. All the plans are amazing and money-saving. Going for six meals per week will cost you $12.88, which is ideal for people who want to enjoy at least one healthy meal a day. Their nine meals per week plan costs $11.33 per meal, and 14 meals will cost $11.32 per meal. This option is availed by people who want two nutritious meals daily with proper food portions. Their biggest meal deal consists of 22 meals per week which cost $10.84 per meal. Through this plan, you get three complete ready-to-eat meals that are healthy and delicious.


The prices for GoodFood meal plans vary. All its meals cost differently. For the first week, their Easy Prep Basket will cost $60, with two recipes of 4 servings. At the same time, four recipes of 4 servings will cost $144. It saves you plenty of time but is the most expensive one offered. But if you go for per serving, it will cost $7.56. 

Their very popular Classic Basket costs $7.85 per serving; it will total $50.21 for two recipes for four servings. Similarly, four recipes for four servings will cost $117. They also have a special Family Basket offered that costs $7.32 per serving. You will pay $52.79 for the first week for two recipes of 4 servings and $124 for four recipes of 4 servings weekly.

Quick Conclusions

Meal kit services has simplified the daily cooking dilemmas of what to cook, who will go for groceries etc. Just from the comfort of your home, you get freshly cooked, incredibly scrumptious meals right across your door through miraculous services like WeCook. And when you wish to challenge your inner chef and create a beautiful meal, but with a little help, GoodFood will serve as your ideal partner. 

The beauty of GoodFood is that it allows you to enjoy various meals, all prepared with the ingredients you choose. It is the best service to enjoy creativity with minimal effort. Plus, if you are vegan, you are in a treat for unique vegan recipes and ingredients of your choice. GoodFood eliminates the need to go to the grocery to buy the needed ingredients because they send all the required ingredients properly persevered in a box. GoodFood covers you when you want a healthy, delicious meal prepared at home. However, the service will not suit people with specific dietary restrictions. GoodFood fully covers Vegans and vegetarians. 

If we talk about WeCook, they are best for busy singles, couples, and families who do not have time to prepare even a simple meal at home. Because WeCook has the quality, fully prepared meals delivered at your given address. They have a rating menu that is updated weekly. This service is best for those who want to try a different meal every day without compromising their precious health.

WeCook vs. GoodFood Meal Choices

Detailed review WeCook Review Good Food Review
Mutton, Lamb 0
Low Carb Plan
List Of Allergens
Calories Per Serving

Not Available via MKC

Without a doubt, meal delivery services have simplified the meal planning and preparation process. Whatever you need for a good meal comes to you pre-measured and pre-chopped. Their primary meal preparation time ranges from 15 to 20 minutes. 

GoodFood offers four meal kits: the Meat and Veggies kit, a Family Friendly kit, a Low-Calorie kit, and the Veggie Kit. The recipes update weekly to bring different cuisines, flavours, and combinations. 

When we went for WeCook, we got 14 different meals weekly. That had meat and chicken options along with vegetarian meals a week. The company promotes and maintains a healthy, fresh diet for its customers. But they also have sealed foods, yummy snacks, and groceries offered. Once your meal is finalized, you can choose from five side dishes: rice, sweet potato, vegetables, etc.

What did you get with either WeCook vs GoodFood?

WeCook and GoodFood are the names people trust with complete confidence. They are the services WeCook and GoodFood are the names people trust with complete confidence. They are the services that have been catering to the needs of the masses all across Canada. Once you subscribe to GoodFood Canada, you can choose from two to four recipes out of seven. The minimum offering you can pick is for two meals of 4 servings for each delivery. They allow your orders up to 4 meals of 4 servings each week. They ship individually wrapped ingredients in thermal protection and ice packs to maintain their freshness. 

The meal-kit options are vegan, low-carb, and gluten-free ingredients. For people with dietary restrictions, the options are limited. Another interesting aspect of ordering through GoodFood is enjoying the dishes worldwide, including in India, Spain, Korea, Italy, Greece, and Thailand. Their protein list consists of beef, chicken, plain protein, salmon, cod, pork, and shrimp. The service prioritizes ingredients without additives or preservatives and ensures its meat and fish come from eco-responsible sources. Spices and mixes included a breakdown of ingredients, and the recipes were a straightforward and incredibly delicious addition to our weeknights. 

On the contrary, WeCook has the most user-friendly and easy-to-use websites. It has a catchy interactive interface. When you visit their website, they will offer a “$20 off on your first order” offer to motivate you to sign in and connect with them immediately. The service sends the freshly prepared meals checked and curated by their top-class chefs and nutritionists. Their menu contains short descriptions and pictures to give you a clear understanding of what you will get. They have snacks and sides and customized meals to cater to special nutrient requirements or allergies. Their sweet potatoes are a consumer favourite and one of their most demanded sides. They also provide sealed food and groceries right to your door.

So, after getting loaded with valuable, summarized information about the top meal kit services in Canada, are you ready to place your first order?

WeCook Review

  • Significantly lower prices
  • Convenient ordering system and delivery flexibility
Get $120 off your first
1  Cook it recipe boxes
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GoodFood Review

  • Higher prices
  • More plans are available, but fewer meals in each plan
No promo available

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