Miss Fresh vs. Good Food

Although most ready-to-cook meal kit companies have been around for a while, Canadian meal kits have recently gained popularity. Their service, which focuses on saving time and making things simple, is gradually meeting the needs of many people.

The battle for Goodfood, the first meal kit brand to win over Quebecers, is heating up in Canada. Good Food is doing great work in Ontario and the Maritimes as well. On the contrary, MissFresh has more meal options for Quebec residents (delivery across Canada).

These businesses use an online subscription model, but there is no requirement to order regularly. All of the excitement has sparked our curiosity at Arctic Gardens, so we decided to try meal kits from three companies: Goodfood and MissFresh. Here’s our perspective on meal kits that are ready to cook!

Easy Miss Fresh vs. Goodfood Comparison

Detailed reviewMiss Fresh ReviewGood Food Review
Delivery areaBC, NS, ON, QCAB, BC, MB, NB, NS, ON, PE, QC, SK
Number of meals to choose from each week133-12
Сooking time (min)25 min20 min
Groupon Rating
Downloadable App
Price per serving$11.17$10.43
Weekly Total (3 Recipes, 2 people)$67.02$62.58
No promo available

MissFresh vs. Good Food: Pricing

When we examined the price per serving of MissFresh and GoodFood, we discovered that while some recipes and two-person plans are relatively similar, the weekly totals for other plans are over twice as costly. Both MissFresh and GoodFood meal kits provide a discount to new customers, but the discounts offered by GoodFood are greater.

Miss Fresh

Miss Fresh is famous for two types of meal kits: regular and vegetarian. Each plan contained up to five recipes every week for up to four individuals. Vegetarian meals offer between $8.75 and $10.50 a dish, while regular meals cost between $9.31 and $11. This pricing is in comparison to those of their competitors. Because all of the ingredients are packed separately, and all unpleasant ones are easy to avoid, vegans can convert vegetarian meals into their preferred way of eating successfully.

Good Food

Good Food meal kits claim Canada’s second-lowest-priced meal packages and more low-carb alternatives. It is Canada’s third most popular meal package. If cost is the most crucial factor in your family’s meal kit decision, it is worth noting that Goodfood is around a buck per plate (or per serving) less expensive than MissFresh.

Quick Conclusions

In terms of meat, poultry, seafood, and vegetables, MissFresh and GoodFood provide comparable meal alternatives. In terms of caloric intake, the dishes are also identical. MissFresh dishes have 400 calories per serving, but Good Food meals have 350 calories per serving. MissFresh caters to customers with food allergies by providing them with a list of allergens. 

MissFresh food boxes can be delivered to any location in Canada. If you read MissFresh reviews online, you will see that most customers like how the company gives free delivery in important Canadian areas if you spend at least $55. You have the option of selecting your chosen delivery time. There is no need to be concerned if you will not be home when the package is delivered. The meal is stored in an insulated box to maintain its freshness.

At first sight, Goodfood appears to cater mainly to vegetarian and low-carb diets (referred to as Clean15 on their website). However, upon closer investigation of their recipes, they provide vegan and gluten-free options. For people with dietary limitations, Goodfood has a limited selection. Easy Prep Basket, Classic Basket, and Family Basket are the three types of Goodfood subscription plans.

Miss Fresh vs. Good Food Meal Choices

You may find some of the tastiest meals on the Goodfood menu. Coconut Peanut Chicken and Beef Stroganoff are two of their most popular dishes. These two dinners are suitable for people of all ages, and you may choose a serving size or two if you do not want too much. The flavour is also kid-friendly, so you will be able to enjoy these dishes fully. You can also serve Senegalese-Style Peanut Tofu with Fluffy Rice and String Beans, which are tasty and nutritious.

On the variety, the food of Miss Fresh is diverse. There is something for everyone, including vegetarians. However, vegan, keto, low-sugar, low-carb, and other diets are not supported. Despite this, the Miss Fresh menu is known for its fresh food and nutritious meals, so you can rest assured that it would benefit your health.

What do You get With Either Miss Fresh or GoodFood?

There are many parallels and distinctions between these two popular Canadian food subscription boxes. This post aims to help you figure out what criteria are essential to you when picking a meal kit and then to help you locate the right one.

MissFresh meals are often reasonable for most individuals, especially when considering the high quality, you will receive. The ready-to-cook meals start at $7.99 a serving, including all of the necessary ingredients. The smallest order comes with two meals and costs around $16. The largest serving is for six individuals and costs $55 on average. On the other hand, you may have their ready-to-eat meals for as little as $6.39 every week.

GoodFood’s price is average when compared to other Canadian meal kit businesses. There are less expensive options available. For the busy beginning, GoodFood isn’t an excellent fit. They change up their recipes frequently, which can be difficult for people trying to gain confidence in the kitchen by repeating the same dishes. It’s also not the best choice for people who want to save time in the kitchen. Although they provide 15-minute recipes, they are more expensive. Most of their dishes take up to 60 minutes to prepare, which is more time than most individuals like to spend in the kitchen.

Suppose you appreciate the variety and aren’t easily intimidated in the kitchen. In that case, Goodfood’s weekly recipes will greatly benefit you. In contrast, MissFresh’s meal plans are completely customized, with a wide range of dinner, breakfast, and snack options delivered across Canada. We are confident in declaring that our meal kit comparison of MissFresh and GoodFood is unparalleled after testing both meal kits and testing our friends and family (many of whom are subscribers to either meal kit delivery service) and reading hundreds of internet reviews from throughout Canada.


Good Food Review

  • Higher prices
  • More plans available, but fewer meals in each plan
No promo available
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