As two of Canada’s top meal kit companies (the only other competitor on their level being Chefs Plate), the Hello Fresh vs Goodfood comparison is an important one for Canadian’ trying to decide which meal kit fits their family’s taste buds best!

While both Goodfood and Hello Fresh deliver fresh produce and excellent recipes to your door, there are some key differences.  After not only trying out both meal kits (I’ve personally ordered two weeks of Goodfood, and have been a Hello Fresh customer for well over a year now – plus I’ve canvassed my friends and family, several of whom are subscribed to each meal kit delivery service) but also reading hundreds of online reviews from across Canada, I feel confident in saying that our Canadian meal knowledge is unmatched!  Check out our Hello Fresh Review and Goodfood Review for an in-depth look at each company.

Easy Hello Fresh vs Goodfood Comparison

Hello Fresh Advantages

  1. Ranked #1 in overall quality of ingredients and consistently tasty recipes
  2. Most popular meal kit in Canada
  3. The largest average portion size from all Canadian meal kits
  4. Hello Fresh delivers to nearly every single Canadian household – far more than Goodfood (which sticks to large and medium-sized cities)
  5. Has the easiest-to-use app 
  6. Recyclable cold packs are a solid sustainable product 
  7. Excellent sign up offer that saves you $50 (click here and the promo code will be automatically applied).


Goodfood Advantages

  • Second-Lowest priced meal kits in Canada (after Chefs Plate)
  • 20-Minute meal option
  • More low-carb options than Hello Fresh
  • More weekly recipe options to choose from than Hello Fresh
  • 3rd most popular meal kit in Canada

If price is the main consideration in your family’s meal kit journey, then it’s important to note than Goodfood is roughly a buck-per-plate (or per portion however you want to phrase it) cheaper than Hello Fresh.  In all of our other key categories Hello Fresh comes out on top. Hello Fresh consistently gets higher ratings for overall taste, (which makes sense given how many more Canadians have decided to subscribe to Hello Fresh vs Goodfood) especially when it comes to dishes that include meat.  Hello Fresh’s more sustainable packaging and the ability to recycle/return the freezer bags is another key differentiator. The final key factor for us is that Hello Fresh has an offer below that allows you instantly save $50 off your first couple of weeks, whereas Goodfood doesn’t have a similar offer available at the moment.

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What You Get With Either Hello Fresh or Goodfood

While I can appreciate the need to highlight the differences between the two companies in a Hello Fresh vs Goodfood review, I think it’s important to note that the two companies will each provide an extremely high quality supper option.

As I mentioned above, my family has been eagerly opening our weekly meal kits for nearly 15 months now!  For us, by far the #1 consideration has been the elimination of stress when it comes to dinner time. Yes, I’ll admit right up front that meal kits are more expensive than groceries (although, if you use meal kits to replace some of your restaurant food spending – whether it’s in-house, takeout, or delivery – and throw out less food, that difference becomes much smaller) but for us, the joy of having someone else plan supper and grocery shop for us just can’t be beat.

Some of the other major benefits that both Hello Fresh or Goodfood would bring to your dinner table include an expanding of your meal horizons and an improvement in your cooking ability if you’re a kitchen novice like I am.  Both of these leading Canadian meal kit delivery services have a bevy of meals (which you get to steal the recipes from!) that just aren’t in many Canadian families’ “supper rotation”. Their weekly box includes recipe cards (also available via app) that really break down the cooking sequence, complete with illustrations, so that it’s really hard to mess up.  So far, my number one lesson has been how much a dash of freshly-minced garlic can really add to a meal!

Both Hello Fresh and Goodfood deliver their meals in high-quality recyclable boxes that are fully insulated and will keep your food cool for 24 hours+ after delivery.  They each make a real effort to source food locally when possible (obviously Canadian winters dictate when produce be shipped in) and both vow to cut down on time spent between the farmer’s field and your refrigerator.  Considering the millions of meal kits that go out across Canada every month, the very small number of reviews that are critical of the freshness of meat and produce is incredible. It’s very tough to question the logistics expertise of these companies.  

Finally, when comparing Hello Fresh to Goodfood, it’s worth pointing out that both companies have made it very easy to skip a weekly delivery if you’ll be away, or just want to save a few bucks that month.  A couple of clicks on the website or app, and that’s all it takes to modify an order to cancel it for the time being.

Ultimately, Hello Fresh was the choice for my family when it came to Hello Fresh vs Goodfood based on the consistently superiority of their recipe creation (there’s a reason these guys are the biggest meal kit company in the world) and their portion size as I’m a big fellow that loves to eat!