Cook It vs. Goodfood Comparison and Review (2024)

Cook it and Goodfood, meal kit delivery services, are two of Canada’s most prominent meal kit delivery services. They are among the forerunners of the e-commerce movement in the meal kit delivery service segments.

Goodfood, like many meal kit delivery services, sends you the exact amount of ingredients you need in a refrigerated box, along with a step-by-step recipe to follow. All that is left for you to do is cook the meals. The selection of meals depends on the plan you choose and they have options for 2 or 4 people. Cook it also offers meal kits that come with pre-portioned ingredients ready for you to cook each meal. It also has ready-to-eat meals if you are too busy to put a meal kit together or don’t want to be in the kitchen. There is a good selection of meals and plans for 2, 3, and 4 people.

We’re going to compare these two meal kit services in Canada because they are popular choices. We’ll look at different aspects of these two meal kit companies, from their intriguing weekly meals to whether free shipping is available, so you can choose the right one for you and your family.

Cook it vs. Goodfood Comparison

Detailed reviewCook it ReviewGood Food Review
Delivery areaON, QC, Maritime ProvincesAB, BC, MB, NB, NS, ON, PE, QC, SK
Number of meals to choose from each week175-13
Сooking time average15 min20 min
Groupon Rating
Downloadable App
Price per serving$9.08 – $13.16 $10.74 – $16.99
Weekly Total (3 Recipes, 2 people)$74.83 – $78.93$80.94 – $101.94
Cook it promo codes
No promo available

Cook It and Goodfood both have tasty food, great delivery systems, with minimal food waste. Over the years, they have grown in popularity in Canada because of their consistently excellent recipes and astonishingly high-quality components. They both offer meat and vegetarian options, and are good in terms of the superiority of the products and the meals they provide. 

Furthermore, their websites provide a user-friendly interface that allows you to pick your items and skip weeks between subscriptions at no additional cost. All of their recipes are not only quick and easy to prepare, but they also adhere to strict health guidelines to ensure that your meals are both delicious and nutritious. When it comes to Cook It’s ready-to-eat meals, they are larger than many options and significantly less expensive than other ready-to-eat meals.

Due to the limited number of recipes in some of the meal plans, Goodfood is unlikely to be ideal for larger families or fussy eaters, as catering to varied appetites might be difficult. Cook it is the most versatile of the two, thanks to its numerous meal options. But if variety is your most important criterion or high up the list, HelloFresh has the largest weekly selection to choose from with more than 35 recipes available to pick from. Goodfood is slightly more expensive on average, but for people who choose a low-carb, paleo, or ketogenic diet this is the only service (of the two) that offers meals specifically tailored to these diets. 

Cook It is predominantly based in Eastern Canada and serves 95% of the provinces it delivers to. Goodfood’s delivery services are more extensive and serve more cities and provinces across Canada.

Pros & Cons

Let’s look at the pros and cons of each brand to see what their biggest advantages and disadvantages are:

Cook It ProsGoodfood Pros
✔️ Has the cheapest prices of the two✔️ Fresh, high-quality ingredients
✔️ Has meal kits and ready-to-eat meals✔️ Low-carb meal plan available
✔️ Ready-to-eat meals come in single portions✔️ Reusable and recyclable packaging
✔️ Option for 7 meal kit recipes per week✔️ Some recipes are customizable
✔️ Recyclable packaging✔️ Canadian owned
✔️ Canadian owned✔️ Has more sophisticated recipes
✔️ Has a rewards program


Chefs Plate ConsGoodfood Cons
✖️ Limited dietary options✖️ Less variety in the weekly menu

Cook It vs. Goodfood Pricing & Meal Plans

Pricing is a key factor for most people. If you’re looking for the cheapest meal kits in Canada, that award goes to Chefs Plate. Of the two companies we’re comparing today, Cook It is considerably cheaper and very well-priced compared to many other similar services. 

Cook it

Cookit Canada offers two food plans: the Regular menu and the Vegetarian menu. With each plan, customers pick from 17 ready-to-cook meal kits every week. You can select anywhere from 2 to 7 meals per week, and 2 to 4 servings per meal. Each serving is enough to feed one adult or two young children.

Number of People / RecipesRegular MenuVegetarian Menu
2 People / 3 Recipes$13.16$12.47
2 People / 4 Recipes$12.17$11.40
2 People / 5 Recipes$11.58$11.07
2 People / 6 Recipes$11.28$10.76
2 People / 7 Recipes$11.20$10.69
3 People / 2 Recipes$13.16$12.47
3 People / 3 Recipes$11.73$11.16
3 People / 4 Recipes$11.28$10.76
3 People / 5 Recipes$10.59$10.18
3 People / 6 Recipes$10.31$9.79
3 People / 7 Recipes$10.05$9.52
4 People / 2 Recipes$12.17$11.40
4 People / 3 Recipes$11.28$10.76
4 People / 4 Recipes$10.57$10.12
4 People / 5 Recipes$10.10$9.53
4 People / 6 Recipes$9.74$9.23
4 People / 7 Recipes$9.48$9.08

Along with the ready-to-cook meals, Cook It also offers about 12 
ready-to-eat meals each week. The distinction is that ready-to-cook meal kits have all the pre-measured raw ingredients needed to prepare the meal at home, while ready-to-eat meals have already been prepared and just need to be warmed up. Heating ready-made meals will obviously save you a great deal of time in the kitchen, although many people enjoy cooking and the control it gives them over how much oil and salt to use, etc.

You can order from 6 to 28 portions and the prices get cheaper the more you order. On the regular menu, they start at $12.95 and go up to $14.30 per meal, and on the vegetarian menu, they start at $11.91 and go up to $13.16 per meal. This isn’t much more than the ready-to-cook meal kits, so a great option if this is what you’re after. Most companies average around $16 for ready-to-eat meals. 

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Goodfood has five possible plans to choose from: Classic, Vegetarian, Easy Prep, Clean 15 (Low Carb), or Family. The prices vary depending on the plan, and vegetarian is the cheapest (on the plans it’s available on), and low carb is always the most expensive option. Here are the prices per serving on the different weekly plans:

  • 2 people / 3 recipes (no family plan available) = $13.49 – $16.99
  • 2 people / 4 recipes (no vegetarian or family plan available) = $13.49 – $16.49
  • 4 people / 2 recipes (all plans available) = $12.49 – $16.49
  • 4 people / 3 recipes (all plans available) = $11.49 – $15.49
  • 4 people / 4 recipes (no vegetarian plan available) = $10.74 – $14.24

The Goodfood’s Easy Prep plan is somewhat more expensive per serving than the Classic option, but it comes with pre-cut ingredients so is a time saver. Furthermore, its Family plan only allows you to select a serving size of four people, and there are five recipes on the menu to choose from each week — of these, one is vegetarian. 

Meal Options: What’s on the Menu?

While the menus change weekly, you may be interested in seeing a quick glance at what’s been available with each company. Here’s a sample of meal kit recipes for each:

GoodfoodCook It
VeganCaramelized onion, peanut and sweet soy
ramen noodles with Asian greens
• Red curry and coconut tofu with rice noodles, cashews and cilantro
VegetarianCozy creamy veggie Orzotto with broccoli,
mushrooms and grana padano
• French onion soup gnocchi with mushrooms, spinach and melted sharp cheese
SeafoodSpicy shrimp a La Marseillaise with crisp
salad with honey-dijon vinaigrette
• Tandoori salmon with rice, tomato and cucumber salad and yogurt
ChickenTeriyaki-glazed chicken and veggie traybake
with peanuts and Wafu dipping sauce
• Lemon and garlic chicken breast with carrot rice and roasted Brussel sprouts
MeatTop sirloin steaks over pearl couscous salad
with roasted red pepper vinaigrette
Chimichurri steak tacos with feta, red bell pepper, sweetcorn and pickled shallot

Are They Environmentally Friendly?

Most customers worry about the effect that packaging has on the environment. In fact, meal kits create less waste and emissions than driving to the supermarket and buying ingredients for dinner there. Also, meal kit companies tend to make an effort to minimize their negative impact on the environment so you’ll find lots of reusable or recyclable packaging options. Let’s look at packaging when it comes to Cook It vs Goodfood. 

You’ll be pleased to know that both of these brands value the environment and take great care when it comes to their packaging. Cook It are committed to the environment and source at least 50% of ingredients locally from Quebec farmers, and they try and work with small producers whenever possible. They can do this because their recipes are inspired by the seasons and what’s available. Their fish comes from Ocean Wise approved fisheries. When it comes to packaging, it’s made of 100% recyclable materials, including the ice packs. 

When it comes to Goodfood, they also do a great job when it comes to packaging and even have an added extra: reusable boxes. The standard cardboard boxes, insulation liners, bags, and bottles are all made of recycled materials and are also entirely recyclable (depending on your location). Goodfood also has a Reusable Box Program, which lets you have your meal kits delivered inside reusable boxes that you hand back to the driver each time or leave out wherever your order gets dropped off. There is just a $50 deposit and this is returned if you opt out of the scheme and return to cardboard boxes. 

Flavour and Ease of Cooking 

Cook it and Goodfood are two fascinating ready-to-cook meal services that cater to the demands of families or adults who, like many, do not have time to organize their meals. Specialists always like the Cook it formula because of its simple recipes and weekly delivery. Cook it has more traditional and simple recipes while having rich, delicious food. 

Some people like Goodfood’s recipes because they are more sophisticated and have more accomplished flavours with fresh ingredients. The services of both are equal in terms of the remaining criteria. The parcels may arrive late, but they will always deliver on the day you anticipate them. Everything will be in good condition, and the recipe cards are precise for each company. Goodfood’s recipe cards, on the other hand, include the recipe’s name (which makes it easier to find in the fridge) rather than just a number like Cook It.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are a great way to get to know a company better before trying them out. They may help you determine which is right for you based on you and your family’s needs. For example, one company might score better on food quality, while another might have more favourable reviews about the delivery service. You probably already have an idea of what’s important to you. Let’s take a look at what customers say about Cook It vs Good Food. 

Trustpilot Reviews

Cook It gets an average star rating of 2.3 out of 5, which is very low. But, there are only 10 reviews, which isn’t a large enough sample to get a good representation of all customers’ views. Some customers complained that the ingredients weren’t of a high quality and there were some issues with deliveries. 

Goodfood gets an average star rating of 3.7 out of 5. On the whole, customers like how well-balanced the meals are, the sustainable packaging, and that dinners are easy to throw together. Some customers complained about late deliveries or missing deliveries some weeks and that recipes are complicated to follow at times.

As with all customer reviews, it’s important to remember that people are most likely to write a review when they’re unhappy or extremely happy. It seems that with these companies (and most meal kits), delivery often comes down to the region where people live. For this reason, we’d suggest you try a couple of meal kit companies out to see what works best for your area and so you can try the meals out yourself. 

Google Reviews

Cook It gets 4.2 out of 5 stars on Google and that’s out of 1,454 reviews so a much better sample size. It seems that many families use the service and are very grateful for the time-saving nature of the meal kits. Many pointed out that ingredients are fresh and tasty, in stark contrast to the 10 Trustpilot reviews. The ready-to-eat meals get the most negative comments on Google and there are some complaints about issues with deliveries. 

Goodfood gets 2.7 out of 5 stars on Google. Here, some customers complained that one item or more were missing from deliveries. Many customers said they like the Goodfood smoothies. 

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Frequently Asked Questions:

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Is Cook It or Goodfood Canadian?
Where does Cook It deliver in Canada?
Where does Goodfood deliver in Canada?

The Verdict: Cook It vs. Goodfood

Cook It and GoodFood are excellent meal kit delivery options for consumers seeking convenient meal kit delivery services. Both are perfect for people with minimal home cooking experience or who are short on time, as the gluten-free meal offerings are simple to follow and take very little time.

Cook it may be a preferable option for individuals who want to test new recipes and are particular about their meals, as their extremely professional chefs create 17 unique and delicious recipes every week. On the other hand, Good Food is a nicer option for individuals who want to explore a variety of cuisines because it contains dishes from India, Spain, Italy, Greece, and many more places. 

Cook it, due to its substantial meal plans, is also better ideal for larger families and families with children. Whereas GoodFood is more suited for persons with dietary limitations or looking for weight-loss meal kits. According to many food evaluations, Goodfood delivers exceptional customer service. You can contact them not just through Facebook or Twitter chat but also through their toll-free phone number and email.

Cook it features a fantastic live chat option on its website that allows you to contact them simply and quickly. You can also contact them via email or phone using the information provided on their website. They offer an excellent response rate that will not disappoint you.

Cook It and GoodFood both allow you to cancel or change your order before it is delivered, as long as you do so before the cutoff time. GoodFood does not offer refunds; however, you can return your goods for store credit by contacting customer service. If you cancel before the deadline, Cook It will refund your money. If you do not receive it, you can call their customer service department, which will check to see if your package has been packaged and dispatched. You will not be charged for that order if this is not the case.

Remember to read our Cook it and Goodfood review to learn more about the forward-thinking, proudly Canadian meal kit services. However, whether they are an excellent place for you or not will be determined by your mealtime circumstances. Perhaps neither is exactly what you’re looking for, but don’t worry there are many other meal kit options in Canada, so be sure to check out our other comparisons and reviews to help you decide. 

  • Significantly lower prices
  • Convenient ordering system and delivery flexibility
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Good Food Review

  • Higher prices
  • More plans available, but fewer meals in each plan
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