As two of the three biggest meal kit delivery companies in Canada, our readers asked that we do a direct Chefs Plate vs Goodfood comparison.  (Check out our Hello Fresh Review for the other major Canadian meal kit company.)

Both Chefs Plate and Goodfood battle to be the low-price leaders when it comes to meal kits in Canada, and to be honest, they are offer very comparable overall products.  That said, there are some unique attributes that may be key in your decision to go with one over the other.  Before making your final decision, you can also check out our full in-depth Chefs Plate Review and/or our Goodgood Review.

Easy Chefs Plate vs Goodfood Comparison


Chefs Plate Advantages

  1. Canada’s best meal kit promo offer code.  You can get 50% yo 60% discount. (Up to 8 plates free if you order the family size!)
  2. The lowest-priced meal kit in Canada on average
  3. Most weekly recipe options of all Canadian meal kit companies!
  4. 2nd most popular meal kit in the country (next to Hello Fresh)
  5. Slightly better overall recipes than Goodfood
  6. Substantially better app+website usability 
  7. Has a purely-vegetarian subscription option that Goodfood doesn’t offer


Goodfood Advantages

  1. Based out of Quebec
  2. 3rd most popular meal kit in Canada
  3. Very competitive on pricing (actually slightly lower than Chefs Plate in 4-person family subscription)
  4. More low-carb options 

Quick conclusions

If you are in Quebec or Atlantic Canada and want to support a locally-based company – or you are looking for the absolute lowest cost way to feed a 4-person family with meal kits, (the cost savings is about two dimes per portion) then Goodfood will likely be the way to go. 

In all other cases I believe that Chefs Plate has a substantial advantage. They have an excellent promo offer code that you can use to try them out (just click the link below) and they consistently offer 15+ recipes to choose from each week. Additionally, it has to be factored in that with Hello Fresh now partnering with Chefs Plate, the combined logistical power of that company should ensure that Chefs Place gets the freshest produce to your door as quickly as possible going forward.  The deciding factor for you might be as simple as the convenience advantage that the Chefs Plate app and website bring to the table.

Click this promotional link and insert one of the Chefs Plate promo codes below to become eligible for the discount offer:

Use code MKC50 for 50% discount; Use VEGGIECHEF60 for 60% discount on veggie plans.

What You Get With Either Chefs Plate or Goodfood

I thought that it was worth noting here that these two leading Canadian food subscription boxes have much more in common, than they do “in different”.  The main question you should ask yourself is not what is the best Canadian meal kit but whether you meal kits are a perfect fit for you.

While my family preferred the taste of Chefs Plate vs the taste of Goodfood, it’s key to understand that taste is subjective.  In addition to trying these meal kits personally, we’ve talked to many of our friends and family into trying these meal kits and giving us their opinions.  Finally, in order to make this Chefs Plate vs Goodfood review as comprehensive as possible, we scanned review sites, Youtube unboxings, and various social media platforms to get as many first-hand looks as possible.  While Chefs Plate seemed to win out roughly 75% of the time based on taste, there were several Canadians that preferred Goodfood. Many reviewers had only tried three meals of each, which isn’t a big enough sample size to be relevant in my opinion.

Regardless of if you decided to go with Goodfood or Chefs Plate, you will be signing up for getting the following awesome life changes in your weekly meal kit box:

  • The instant relief of coming up with something fresh, delicious, and nutritious every night – grocery shopping and meal planning are all done!
  • Substantial choice available to select each week (nothing is locked in)
  • Locally-sourced food that cuts out the middleman and gets food from producers to you much quicker than grocery stores do!
  • Both Chefs Plate and Goodfood offer 15-20 minute “quick cook meals” as well as more traditional 30-minute options.
  • High-grade packaging that keeps your food fresh and is recyclable .
  • More money in your pocket as you throw out less food and cut down on restaurant spending!
  • Easy subscription options that allow you to easily skip a delivery, change your order weekly, or control your delivery destination


My family has been eating meal kits for over 15 months now, and they’ve changed our whole relationship to supper.  While we obviously don’t eat meal kits every single night, it is such a great feeling to have both my wife and I come home from a crazy day at work, and not have to look at each other in minor panic as each prays the other one has a supper plan.  It’s well worth the extra buck or two per meal that meal kits cost relative to groceries to only worry about supper 30 minutes before it has to be on the table – and to know it’s going to be healthy and fresh! 

Trying meal kits for less

Click this promotional link and insert one of the Chefs Plate promo codes below to become eligible for the discount offer:

Use code MKC50 for 50% discount; Use VEGGIECHEF60 for 60% discount on veggie plans.