The Best Plant-Based Meal Delivery in Canada

Overall rating 98.0%
Chefs Plate Review
Plans for
  • Picky eaters
  • Novice cooks
  • Calorie watchers
  • Busy people
  • Allergics
Price range/ week
$48 ‐ $185
Pros and cons
  • Budget-friendly
  • Wide variety of meals
  • Ability to easily skip any week you choose
  • Delivery to almost anywhere
Overall rating 98.0%
HelloFresh Review
Plans for
  • Singles
  • Families
  • Vegetarians
  • Picky eaters
Price range/ week
$89 ‐ $211
Pros and cons
  • Wide delivery service area
  • Easily skip weeks as needed
  • Large variety of meals
  • Calorie info provided
Overall rating 93.9%
Cook It Review
Plans for
  • Families
  • Vegetarians
  • Picky eaters
  • Novice cooks
Price range/ week
$73 ‐ $279
Pros and cons
  • Large selection of meals each week
  • No-commitment subscription. Free shipping
  • Both meal-kits and prepared meals available
  • Vegetarian menus available

What is a plant-based diet?

A plant-based diet—also referred to as a vegan diet—excludes meat, dairy, and eggs and consists solely of foods sourced from plants, such as fruit, vegetables, grains, and legumes. Plant-based foods are high in fibre, vitamins, and minerals. They are free of cholesterol and are low in calories and saturated fat. According to research, a plant-based diet may reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and obesity and can be cheaper than an omnivore diet. It is essential to 

A plant-based diet is an effective strategy to improve one’s health, and it can fulfill all your protein, calcium, and other nutrient needs. However, you may need enough vitamin B12; a daily supplement or fortified foods, such as vitamin B12-enriched morning cereals, plant milk, and nutritional yeast, can accommodate your vitamin B12 requirements.


Plant based meal delivery

Plant based meal delivery has become increasingly popular in recent years, notably among people seeking to enhance their health, minimize their carbon footprint, and upsurge their intake of fruits and vegetables.

Crafting healthy, plant based meal delivery can be thought-provoking, predominantly if you are short on time or don’t have much cooking experience. Plant based meal delivery services can make eating more nutritional, plant-based meals easy.

We have compiled a list of the best plant based meal delivery services in Canada to assist you in achieving your healthy eating objectives.


The best plant based meal delivery services in Canada


HelloFresh is a fantastic service for aspiring chefs. This plant based meal delivery service sends you all the fresh ingredients you’ll need in an insulated box, along with a simple recipe. With HelloFresh promo code MKC80, you can save $80 on your first four orders.

You can find a variety of nutritious meal plans that meet your needs at HelloFresh. If you’re a health-conscious eater, their veggie plan is for you, as it contains only vegetarian and plant-based dishes. You’ll get fresh, seasonal ingredients for meals that are simple to prepare in the comfort of your home. You can curate your menu weekly by choosing two or four servings of three recipes from over 25 options accessible on their website. 

Chefs Plate

Chefs Plate is an HelloFresh subsidiary. Since 2014, it has been regarded as one of the most cost-effective healthy meal kit providers on the Canadian market. Chefs Plate food subscription boxes range from $5 to $9 per meal, usually including delivery. The coupon code MKC2X50 gives the company a 50% discount on your first two boxes.

Chefs Plate offers three meal subscription boxes: the Meat and Vegetables Box, the Vegetarian Box, and the Family Friendly Box. All boxes are reasonably priced, and delivery is free if you order more than two recipes for more than two individuals. These plant based meal delivery meals are quicker and faster to prepare than HelloFresh recipes, but they are just as incredibly delicious.

Plant Prepped

Plant Prepped offers a plant-based, vegan menu with gluten-free and soy-free alternatives.

Plant Prepped sends 100% plant-based meal kits to your door every week, complete with fresh, pre-measured ingredients and gourmet recipes. Ingredients are purchased locally from farmers and agricultural producers. They are organic, ethically sourced, and supplied in environmentally-friendly packages. With 6 vegan meals to pick from each week, you’re likely to discover something that everyone can enjoy.


ActivEats has you covered if you want to lose weight and eat healthier. This plant based meal delivery service claims to save you up to 10 hours every week since you can skip grocery shopping and cooking isn’t required. When you receive your delivery, all you have to do is microwave it and enjoy. 

ActivEats offers a broad cuisine that caters to various lifestyles and dietary needs. They offer over 28 different meals every two weeks, so their culinary selection will not tire you. There are packages for weight loss, plant-based diets, fitness, and balance. You will have an extensive list of great meal options, regardless of your health objective.


FED offers one thing: automatic healthy eating. You don’t have to order weekly with their meal programs. After placing an initial order, healthy meals will be delivered automatically. You can, however, skip or cancel at any time.

They have numerous bundles on their website for better and healthier dietary choices. Full Nutrition, Low-carb, High-Protein, Keto, Diabetes, and plant-based meal deliveries are readily accessible. One of healthy consumers’ most prominent meal plans is the Full Nutrition Meal Plan, which can meet 100% of your daily nutrient intake. Every serving contains more than 30 nutrients, notably vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K. It also contains minerals such as calcium, iron, zinc, potassium, and others that your body requires for excellent health.


PlantX provides 100% plant based meal delivery services and includes no animal byproducts. They have various delectable options to help you get your daily dosage of health and wellness.

Customers can order a 3- or 5-day supply of nutritionally balanced meals through PlantX’s Canadian e-commerce platform. To further serve its growing client base, the company has recently added a second delivery day to its existing “set and forget” subscription-based meal schedule so that customers can have even more options for home delivery during the week, on top of the existing twice-a-week delivery schedule. 

Green Chef

Green Chef promises nutritious, organic products and step-by-step directions for preparing nutritious meals amid your packed life. Green Chef provides consumers with the option of receiving weekly, bimonthly, or monthly delivery services for specific dietary patterns such as paleo, keto, and plant-based cuisine.

Green Chef specializes in high-protein, gluten- and grain-free, keto, and paleo meals which are beneficial for managing carb intake. Southwest Breakfast Beef Patties, Chicken Tikka Masala, and Roasted Sausages and Sauerkraut are some of the keto and paleo recipes available on the website. The company also has a Balanced Living menu and a Plant-Powered selection for vegetarians and vegans.


MVP Meals employs a staff of holistic nutritionists and chefs who prepare healthy meals for consumers on the go. In downtown Kitchener, Ontario, they have a commercial kitchen where all meals are prepared.

For each bundle, you can order 5, 10, 15, or 20 meals. The Vegan Meal Plan, Paleo Meal Plan, Gluten-Free Meal Plan, Plant-Based Meal Plan, and Balanced Meal Plan are all available to smart eaters. A Student Meal Plan is also available, which is especially helpful for students on a budget. You can either make a one-time purchase or join a weekly subscription. You will receive a 5% discount if you choose the latter option. The best part is that no strings are attached, so you can skip a week or cancel your subscription anytime.

Clean Meals

Clean eating without hassle is what Clean Meals promises. This plant based meal delivery service offers a healthy 6- or 10-meal weekly subscription plan. The menu can be customized to meet your dietary essentials, and meat and vegan choices are available. Subscriptions are renewed consistently. If you sign up for this package, keep in mind that you must commit to at least three weeks of service.

The company’s nutritionally balanced and gourmet meals have less than 500 calories, making it an excellent choice for anyone looking to lose weight. Hormone- and antibiotic-free proteins are used, and all ingredients are acquired sustainably. You can be confident that every gourmet meal will fulfill your health requirements.The benefits of vegan meal kit delivery services

Following a vegan diet may be challenging as you may need to closely read food labels and opt for more intricate cooking techniques. Vegan meal kit delivery services can make following a healthy, delicious vegan diet much easier. 

Vegan meal kit delivery services can help you save time and money by delivering strictly vegan meals and ingredients—pre-portioned and partially cooked—right to your door, and some of them even work with nutritionists to make sure you can get all of your dietary needs from their menu.

Going Vegetarian for Personal Health Benefits

Scientific research has shown that a vegetarian lifestyle is very beneficial for one’s personal health. People who eat mostly vegetarian meals tend to lose excess weight and keep it off. As a result, they have fewer cardiovascular problems, lower glucose levels, better cholesterol levels, and a lower incidence of total cancer. Research shows that a vegetarian diet may also reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, which includes obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Plant based meal delivery Canada: our final words

Although plant based meal delivery is not as mainstream among Canadians as the other diets are, an increasing number of people are discovering the health and environmental benefits of such a lifestyle. The supply of plant based meal delivery Canada services gradually increases as their demand grows.

Remember that a plant-based diet can only be sustainable if it’s balanced. Consuming nutrient-dense whole foods can provide you with various necessary vitamins and minerals to make up for any nutritional deficiencies in your diet. 

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